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  1. If CMC stays healthy the panthers win and none of this matters at all. ”just win baby”. Truly all that matters in the sport.
  2. Not even highschool level writing there. Truly anything can get published online nowadays. Super clever to use the made up number “bazillion” though.
  3. Rivera sucks. Rhule’s biggest fault so far has been QB evaluation. Does Baker solve that? Maybe. If not Rhule is gone. I’m an optimist when it comes to sports, and the Panthers, with the talent they have, are in as good a spot they’ve been since Cam was healthy.
  4. Funny enough Ron Rivera was somewhere in that same ball park of 3-14 at the start of his coaching career.
  5. Agree. The hate from the national media just shows how little they actually watch the panthers. We were like 1-7 in one score games last year, and that was with the worst offensive line and bad to terrible QB play. No team in the NFL can win without a competent line. With all the additions to the o-line, d-line and injured players coming back healthy, there’s no reason this team doesn’t make the playoffs in a very weak NFC. You may recall prior to the 2015 session when Kelvin Benjamin got hurt EVERYONE, including many Panthers fans, thought the Panthers were headed for a lost season. We all know how that turned out. The NFL is designed for teams to go from rags to riches, and barring more devastating injuries, there’s plenty of reason to believe the Panthers are due for contention.
  6. If you think the Panthers are a poo show, wait till you see the Hornets!
  7. Looks like he did this in front of their small children too. Dude has no business playing professional sports right now.
  8. From Mick Mixon to the new guy and Luke is akin to going from Jiminy Pickles to Cam Newton
  9. Regarding Irving and Durant not liking his culture, that’s probably a really good thing. Irving has proven to be nothing short of a locker room cancer and Durant showed his judgement when he chose to leave Golden State to start a super team with Irving.
  10. Improved nets defense from 20th something to 7th in his few seasons there. Defense should definitely improve.
  11. The biggest news to come out of all this is Will Kunkel made himself look like a desperate for attention dork.
  12. They are renaming the fancy on field luxury suites the KEEP POUNDING BOX!
  13. Good, the Browns have zero leverage since they sold the farm to the dude with two dozen and counting sexual harassment claims to his name.
  14. Lol at “EB is too mean and that’s why he hasn’t been hired” The NFL very much is still a “good ole boys club”, and bias whether conscious or unconscious is real.
  15. Eh, more fuel to the fire for Willis. I’m sure I’m the 10 millionth person to mention, Brady was a 6th round pick so yeah.
  16. Rhule probably butthurt because he wanted to trade back into the first for some Temple back up.
  17. Yeah don’t buy it for a second even before seeing this from Billy. No team is trading a first round pick for Brown*. *well Hurney probably would but still
  18. People probably don’t realize a 4.93 40 time is faster than what 99% of people posting on this board could put up. And he’s 6’4 320. Just a freak athlete
  19. Didn’t see this posted yet but if this doesn’t get you pumped about the big fella… /mybodyisready.meme
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