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  1. Regarding Cam, basically said the Panthers reps will sit down with Cam and his reps at some point. What I get from that is when Cam isn’t re-signed, he won’t find out from twitter.
  2. Never heard of him but Pep Hamilton is a cool name so I’m in.
  3. I admit that one song with the thumping kick drum and the loud minor chord riff is pretty sick.
  4. He got paid $6 million at least. Assuming he’s not back next year, I look forward to his name added to the stadium amongst the other Panthers greats. Hell they should name a section of the stadium just for him, maybe Cam’s Corner where kids can sit in hopes of getting a football.
  5. Cam Newton is inarguably the greatest short yardage back in NFL history. To claim with a straight face that Sam Darnold and Cam Newton are capable of anything similar in short yardage situations is astonishingly stupid. You’re paying Cam $6 million for half a season, and you just leave him on the sideline in this situation? Rhule deserves all the poo he’s taking for this.
  6. Who’s saying that lol, nice straw man. My response was in regards to you comparing the panthers to the Jags, which is ridiculous at face value. All I’m saying is people claiming Tepper is one of the worst owners in the league 3.5 years into the gig is a childish overreaction, which is not uncommon on sports message boards.
  7. the jaguars have been terrible for two decades. Their current owner has been in place over ten years. If Tepper is still flailing to find a coach in year eleven, fair enough.
  8. Fans are so dramatic. Tepper came in and invested hundreds of millions of dollars off the bat, bringing the franchise into the 21st century with headquarters, practice facility, analytics etc. Has it resulted in wins on the filed so far? No, but it’s a long game. Coaching hires aren’t guaranteed to pan out. When the Panthers landed Rhule is was regarded league wide and by national media as a great hire. It obviously hasn’t worked out the way everyone wants, but Tepper clearly is trying and invested in the team, despite what the knee jerk drama queens think.
  9. LOL wut? Quick google search shows you’re probably referring to a debunked Facebook post. Good lord no wonder half this country has gone off the deep end.
  10. Praise be to Regan and Rupert Murdoch for ending the fairness doctrine in the 80’s. People love their propaganda spoon fed to them if the ratings of cable TV are any indication.
  11. Yeah that’s a hard no from me dog enjoy your dying industry.
  12. 99.9% of panthers fans and even journalists are doing the same on twitter I’m always game for calling out Cam slander but this ain’t it
  13. Good lord this quote is being taken out of context so bad. Stop making me defend Darnold.
  14. “Beginning at training camp this year, players who drew a penalty flag, dropped a pass or made another similar mental or physical error had to run to a DBO (Don’t Beat Ourselves) placard and back. Rhule said he viewed the missed reps as the punishment more so than the running, which some players did at a leisurely pace.” But when a player misses a rep because he’s half-assing a sprint, does that help the team in any way shape or form? Truly some high school level poo.
  15. He should be fired today. That is Urban Meyer type poo right there.
  16. yeah I don’t hate the guy lol, I mean he tried and really wants to win but has just failed miserably.
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