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  1. I have a feeling it’ll resemble much of MLB’s FA period this year. Some splashes and trades (ahem, Padres) but most of the market sits tight as it resets itself in a way. I’m prolly wrong AF though and it’ll be a frenzy like years prior once the legal tampering period opens up.
  2. There’s a player named Chuba Hubbard yes plz
  3. Yo why is no one talking about Long Snapper? Is JJ worth 1M+ / year? In my opinion, you should prolly get bargain UDFA long snappers each year and churn em out.
  4. I’ll remember him always as yet another player that our fan base butchered their name on the Huddle. McGlover. i also think he was a preseason storyline for barking a ton at practice.
  5. Throw in the Richardson statue for good measure. Jean Fridays in Houston, babbbbbay!
  6. I want the browns to win the SB so bad just to see the bandwagoners rocking Mayfield jerseys saying they been fans for forevvvva
  7. Thank you sir. Adding them to the list and I’ll snag for the weekend!
  8. PUP is the poo. Really really getting into them. That is all.
  9. Just set up a bar in my house. Want to fill it with some decent bourbons that won’t set me back too much and are nationally distributed (San Diego). what you got?
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