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  1. Holding us you mean. Half the line has a hand on our back
  2. I said it, only way we lose is if there offense beats us. Then people laughed.
  3. Can't wait to hear 4hrs of Ronde hate. It's like every fiber of the media want a the Saints to win.
  4. Love how everyone is still doubting us and think we will be catching up to ATL. New teams fade because people figure them out.
  5. I really feel its skewed because Cam held the ball so long. Oher did look avg but not Bell bad.
  6. Having a QB controversy and playing our secondary is not a good match up. The only thing im worried about is the same thing I worry about every game... Shula.
  7. Yea... II'm gonna go ahead and ask you to stop talking. Greg Olson is calling a better game.
  8. If anyone can defend shula after this game good luck.
  9. It's same recycled crap from last year. A draw would have been better.
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