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  1. Nah, somehow he would throw an interception.
  2. I had such high hopes after the first few games. Unfortunately, the law of averages will prevail. He is what he is.
  3. Love the perspective. We need more positivity in the world.
  4. We’ll, I wasn’t planning on watching much of the game Sunday. This will change my mind. I’m rooting for cam. KEEP POUNDING.
  5. We beat ATL that way. Maybe it’s worth a shot.
  6. I stopped watching in the 2nd. My Sunday was suddenly better.
  7. What a catastrophe of a season. It’s been a long time I’ve been this bored with this team.
  8. My bad. I didn't read through the thread.
  9. It was a reference to when he was a Bill. He had the one TD in the preseason against us and disappeared the rest of the season.
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