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  1. I prefer Stroud, but enough people seem to think Young is a no brainer. That's not what the Huddle thinks, it's what analysts, former players and talking heads think. Believe me, the Huddle's talent evaluation factored exactly 0% into this thinking. If another team absolutely is head over heels for Young, then we have an enormous bargaining chip if we're threatening to pick him. Hell, we could even pull an Eli Manning and draft him at #1, and then trade him to Houston for the #2 pick plus plus. There's a scenario where we wanted Richardson all along. We knew he wouldn't last until 9, and we ran the numbers and assessed that the net cost will be less to move down to 1 and back to 4 than to move from 9 to 4. I don't necessarily think that's the case, but if you believe any of the "Carolina loves Richardson" rumblings, it makes sense.
  2. I'm sure they'll tell anyone who will listen they want to take Young at #1 as long as their sure word gets back to Houston and Indy.
  3. His last game in the NFL simply can't be for the Rhule Panthers. That's just sacrilegious. So for that alone I'm rooting for him. The other side of that is his last game was with the Rhule led Panthers. Behind that historically bad line. He just needs a Baker to the Rams stint when a QB inevitably goes down this year to prove that he's worth a 1 or 2 year hitch as a journeyman QB with some team.
  4. I wouldn't say that. To me the quotes say Stroud is an amazing player who goes through his reads and doesn't buckle under pressure, Young has a great personality and will be a leader on the field and in the locker room, and Richardson and Levis also played against Georgia.
  5. I have a suspicion that we're not done trading yet. Fitterer is a savvy wheeler and dealer, and it could be that trading up to 1 was a move to have our pick of trade-back partners. It's possible that if we figured at 9, we wouldn't get any of the top 4 QBs. But trading up from 9 to where we could get ourselves a shot at them would cost multiple firsts. But now, sitting at 1, if we trade back to 4, say, Indy gets their QB of the future, we get our pick of Levis or Richardson, and we probably take a future first in the deal, and we're effectively getting the QB we wanted for just DJ Moore.
  6. His combine performance reminded me of Zach Wilson. I wouldn't move up a spot to get him. I'd be okay drafting him at 9. I'd be ecstatic trading back and getting him. And I think he will bust in the NFL.
  7. The only thing worse than being a bad team is being a bad team with no future draft capital. I hope to God we don't trade up. And if we do, I hope to God it isn't for the number 1 pick. And if it is, then I hope to God that our former NFL QBs at HC and QB coach know what the fug they're doing. Because if we lose 3 1st rounders on this pick, and we miss, we're in for a decade of obscurity.
  8. Stroud is the only QB I'm excited about in this draft. If we picked from any of the rest at any point in the draft, I'd range in emotions from "meh" to actively disappointed.
  9. The start of episode 5 was harrowing, and I was getting the feeling it was very much an allusion to January 6. Also, Melanie Lynskey was great in her 2 episodes. If you haven't seen it, absolutely watch "I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore" on Netflix.
  10. We have 3 NFL Head Coaches on one staff, and we're not even done yet. That's incredible.
  11. I'll be really interested to see what happens. I will say, and it's a huge caveat to my opinion on this matter, IF we trade up, I'll be very excited. Because if our offensive-minded coach, and our new QB coach see someone they like enough to make that move, it's something to be be thrilled about. This is a new coach and a new regime. If Rhule had done it, I'd hate it, because it would be a move of desperation trying to hit on something, ANYTHING to save his job. And if it didn't work out, the picks he traded away wouldn't matter because he wouldn't be around next season anyway. But Frank Reich coming in, he doesn't need to prove anything right away, and losing future picks on a QB who busts would haunt him the rest of his tenure. So if this regime makes the move, it betrays a confidence and certainty in the guy they're going after that any fan would be a fool not to celebrate.
  12. Why trade up? None of those teams had a QB they took with a top 5 pick. I agree with the premise we have to find a franchise QB. But the lesson from that list is you either 1) Trade for a proven star or 2) get lucky with your pick. Hell, even Mahomes could have been gotten with the #9 pick.
  13. Bucs make sense. Which, on the one hand, ouch. I hate the idea of Carr hurling it to Mike Evans for the next 3 years. On the other hand, it mean's there's one less QB-hungry team on draft day.
  14. I love Wilks. I really do. But I don't think Wilks could have put together a staff like this. The crew Reich is assembling is incredible. Hope it shows up in the product on the field.
  15. Good for him. He way exceeded expectations and won the locker room here. A good season or 2 from the 49ers D and he should be one of the hottest HC candidates on the market. Wishing coach well!
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