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  1. B.S. Micah Parsons was on the board. We'd just lost Luke. That was the right pick and I'll die on that hill.
  2. I think that would be true. Except we'll always be reminded that we passed on Stroud. And we'll be reminded how our #1 was used on Caleb Williams. So depending on how well one or both of those two QBs do, the mockery is not going to end once we move on from Bryce.
  3. Falcons Fans taunting us on 4/27:
  4. If Milton is there in Round 6, grab him. He's basically the anti-Bryce-Young. Big. Powerful arm. But doesn't throw well on the move. Put him behind the monster line we're building and let him let that cannon loose. At the very least we could use him as our Hail Mary 60-yards through the air to the end-zone specialist. Alternatively, I'd take Tua's little brother Taulia from Maryland in 7 or UDFA. If we're building a system designed to prop up a smaller QB, Taulia could step in and bring a little more of a gun-slinger attitude to the backup position.
  5. I'd rather spend that money on Clowney.
  6. Bust and move on quickly. As much as I will hate the indignity of the Panthers simultaneously drafting the biggest bust of all time, and making arguably the worst trade of all time in one sweaty bowl movement, I can bear that. I can't bear us spending the better part of a decade trying to prop up something that's just not going to work. See: "Sunk Cost Fallacy." If Bryce shows us more of the same this year, then we'll be in a position to draft in the top 5 again. At that point, we'll need to just swallow that bitter, jagged pill and admit we fugged up catastrophically and move on. Just don't double down on the mistake.
  7. This. Fitt was an incredible dealer. I can't remember a GM we had that was so savvy working the phones. He seriously could take a fifth round pick and turn it into a third in a couple moves. Masterful. But he just could not translate those moves into successful players. All these incredible deals, and he produced absolutely dog poo out of them. I was initially onboard with keeping Fitt, but stripping all talent responsibilities away from him. Happy we've moved on. I'm likewise souring on analytics. This ain't Moneyball. You still need the old heads to look at a prospect and determine exactly how much dawg he's got in him.
  8. That's the thing. We're building for the future. With or without Bryce. We're building a team that we can insert a QB into next year. Maybe target a hot FA QB next off-season if Bryce fizzles. By then we ought to be a very desirable situation.
  9. I think you may be on to something here. His (welcome) absence from the limelight probably less about him intentionally taking a step back, and more about spending his time on other ventures. The Panthers are just a part of his portfolio. And right now, not a particularly profitable one.
  10. Yup. This is a "don't let him leave without a contract" message.
  11. Don't disrespect Bailey Zappe like that.
  12. Honestly, with a pro-quality offensive line, we might actually get what was advertised with Miles Sanders. As the video points out, Raheem Mostert was all world behind Hunt being himself arguably a mid-level RB. Sanders just never had any gaps to run through. Hubbard stubbornly found yardage, and I'm excited to see how Mrs. Rhule's favorite does behind this line when he has actual lanes to pick through. But Sanders is just a season removed from being one of the league's leaders in all-purpose yards. Behind the line we are building, this could be his bounce-back season.
  13. It has really devolved. I used to like his coverage; he was kinda like the Happy Gilmore for sports commentary. It was like you were listening in on a bull session of regular Joes at a bar rather than hearing from a stuff-shirt. But as a former pro, he could get real guests unlike any other regular Joe's podcast. But ever since he's gotten tied up with Aaron Rodgers and bought into his own hype, it's really leaning into the alpha male shtick. He's like Diet Andrew Tate. Yeah, I've largely tuned him out.
  14. I like it. He's definitely on the regression side of his career, but still a quality pass rusher with plenty of juice left. I'd try to lock him up on a reasonable 3-year contract so we still have him once we have a complete team, and we may be able to make a run at the playoffs with him. Absolutely no reason to pick him up on a 1-year rental when everyone knows we're not making waves for the next year or two.
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