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  1. I just hope somewhat decent QB play (which we've definitely not had the last 2.5 years) will decrease our reliance on CMC to be the bulk of our offense. I understand the whole he's paid to play, and he's a unique weapon. But damn, there's a smart way to use a weapon. We treat CMC like a knife on Forged in Fire.
  2. I agree with all that. But you also have to factor in two big things about the Delhomme era; He had 89 The 17>89 combo benefited ENORMOUSLY from the force out rule in the red zone. Delhomme would just high point the ball in the endzone, Smitty would out-fight the defender, and it didn't matter where he came down. I was rewatching golden age footage, and it's amazing how many TDs from that era wouldn't have counted today.
  3. Baker Mayfield was a top QB in the draft. Sam Darnold was arguably a top QB in the draft. Jameis Winston was a top QB in the draft. And if you're dysfunctional enough to have the number 1 overall pick, the odds are better than chance that the top QB in the draft isn't going to be your franchise savior. So maybe you should start rooting for the team to do well with the pieces we have, and get over your loser mentality of hoping we suck enough that next year we might find a magic bullet.
  4. That was my always my thinking. OBJ was and is just a headcase, and his talent doesn't balance out the radioactivity and distraction he brings to a locker room. And I remember distinctly thinking after watching Baker's really impressive, but raw rookie year that OBJ was the worst person you could add to the Browns if you're trying to help Baker develop. Now OBJ's on his third team, and the Browns gave up on their #1 overall pick. Baker's gonna surprise people here.
  5. The pick isn't what matters. Hell, we should throw in a 7h round pick! What matters is offloading his salary and cap hit, which we'd take if we cut him. I have said elsewhere, we should all be rooting for Sam to show out in Training Camp and the Pre-Season so when Stafford's arm doesn't get better, Sam is worth a look.
  6. Wow, Jeremy started this thread so early Matt Corral has already been in it for an hour
  7. That was egregious. That should be an ejection right there. Honestly that could have paralyzed that dude for life.
  8. Damn. Remember when a 55 yarder was a Hail Mary? Now it's verging on being considered a gimme. That would have been good from 65. And right down the middle. The kicking game in the NFL is absurd right now!
  9. I was only being slightly tongue-in-cheek. I honestly believe the way to make the sport safer is to get rid of the helmets. The padding is a double-edged sword, it makes contact less violent on the body, but paradoxically enables the players to use their bodies more violently. Take special teams as an example. You take the pads off people, you really gonna tell me two full-grown men will sprint directly at each other until they collide? But that's every kickoff and punt return with pads on.
  10. ...based on this statement alone, you should definitely not be a manager. But your "they were asking for it" attitude goes a long way to explaining why you're a sexual assault apologist.
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