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  1. I actually like the newer TL's. They've loaded them up with most of the same technology from the older RL's like mine. I didn't like the new body style at first but it's grown on me. Mine now is black with the black interior, plus the wood grain steering wheel and shift knob. Plus, all windows tinted to max alllowed, so I'm not looking to change now anyway.

  2. Thank you kind sir.

  3. Okay, i'm asking you this because I know you're awake right now. WTF should I do? I was feeling like total crap last night, flu like, so took nyquil. It's worn off, and now I've been up since 4AM. I have a packed work schedule today. Do I take another dose and risk fugging up the whole day by sleeping till nooon, or ride it out feeling like crap for the next several hours? I hate this medicine no-man's land. Thanks for your help with this random question.

  4. Nice, 'preciate that. I'm in the office, but no one's near me at the time. Good thing, because I full-screened that.

  5. Nothing like waking up to 3Million swag in the morning. You da man, Biscuit! Hope to meet you at a tailgate at somepoint. Do you make it to any of the games?

  6. This ever happen to you? my own creation...be gentle.
  7. Awesome. I'm trying to get recognized on there, but no such luck yet.
  8. You are the man, Biscuit! Thanks for pushing me over the one miiiiiilion swag mark. It's an elite club I've been shooting for. lol

  9. My man, you bring the bestest bewbs to the Huddle that could never be matched, it was my pleasure to build a rage comic in your honor. Thanks for the props.

  10. How dare you speak such heresy!
  11. The funniest I heard was to describe being drunk as getting "right f*ckin' sideways."

  12. Really? That's awesome. I listen to blue collar radio all the time and think he is hilarious. Half of it is the Maine accent, and then the "local" terminology he uses. Cracks me up.

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