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  1. Ventusky just also shifted East. All terrible stuff will miss Charlotte
  2. Ventusky still have it going right thru Charlotte
  3. Ian gaining strength. 80mph sustained winds now. 3 hours ago or so it was 65mph
  4. Brad is saying we are getting a hurricane now
  5. The models look lost… no one can predict this storm. Ventusky looks like a mess.
  6. Ian back to being a hurricane. Now it all depends how powerful it gets. He’s going over super warm water.
  7. Ventusky switched it back to direct hit to Charleston
  8. I took my 7 and 6 years old last year. It was just fine.
  9. Just to note…. When it says S or D…. All heavy stuff is way out north. So Charlotte will get S mostly.
  10. I have been using ventusky for years. They are almost always ahead of NOAA by a day. This storm is going to soak South East.
  11. Ventusky switched Charleston to Hilton Head for landfall.
  12. Ventusky. They are one of the best.
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