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NFL Free Agent News

Mr. Scot

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Its ALWAYS about money.

I bet you a dollar to a donut the reason that Johnson felt "disrespected" was BECAUSE OF MONEY (i.e. attempts by the team to get him to change his contract).

Sounds rather familiar, actually.

it's obvious you haven't followed the situation, so therefore, shouldn't be talking about it in absolutes and making yourself look like a fool.
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You guys know that by virtue of the definition of the word "tampering" that there technically can't be anything called "legal tampering"

Today is just when contract discussions are allowed to begin.

Tampering is messing with something that you aren't legally allowed to mess with. Therefore, you can't "legally" tamper as it would not longer be considered "tampering."

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"Legal tampering" is kind of a running gag among sportswriters.


It comes from back when the NFL used to allow signings starting at midnight on the first day of the free agent period,  You'd get contracts amazingly agreed to and signed by 12:05am, but everybody always swore they hadn't committed any tampering (yeah, right).


The ever image conscious NFL finally just decided to create the three day 'negotiating period to preserve the excitement of the start of free agency (also moving it to an hour when more people were awake and online) while, ideally, minimizing the appearance of tampering since teams would have three days to arrange deals before signing anyone.


It'll probably continue to be known as 'legal tampering' by those familiar with the old system for some time.

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ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Texans have reached an agreement on a five-year contract with OT Derek Newton.


First "agreed to terms" news of the negotiating period I think, but he wasn't an outside free agent for them.


Still waiting for the first "sign away".

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Tackle market drying up before we even had a chance to sign one away. Today it's Free and Newton re-signing. That means the bidding for Bulaga and Barksdale and Parnell just went up.


Better that we got someone than no one

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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