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Biz is a free agent

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Acquiring players that can actually play offense. Cliff can scheme to minimize defensive inefficiencies. He can't make Biz catch those entry passes.

Frees up 4 million dollars. Dump Cody and Marvin and go after Trillsap.

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anyone who understands basketball and our roster knows this is an utterly terrible move.  we have two players similar to hawes in frank and cody.  we have no one that can protect the rim half as good as Bizz.  Biz is an elite 22 year old rim protector.  we're not bringing him back so we can open up minutes for SPENCER fuging HAWES.  this is terrible

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I can't say I am surprised because the past two seasons under Clifford he doesn't seem to have been rated as more than a role player. He went from starting 74% in his first two seasons, to starting just 21%, and that was only boosted due to injury problems last season. And likewise his minutes diminished under Clifford. In his first season he averaged 23.1 mins, that improved to 27.3 mins in his second season and he showed steady improvement. Que Clifford (and Big Al), and those minutes fell to 13.9 mins in 2013-14, and while they increased to 19.4 in 2014-15, that was arguably down to injuries and not more trust and/or desire to play him more. 

For me, I think it is possible that Clifford (and perhaps Cho?) don't see Biyombo as a pivotal piece going forwards, and instead see him as an impact player off the bench. Maybe they'll try and sign him to a long term deal, or try and keep him on a cheaper one to two year deal, or simply let him walk. After all, they've acquired two big men this off season in Hawes and Kaminsky. That's two more players to added to a packed front court, so I suspect someone has to make way...

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Terrible move.

After a pretty solid offseason, this kind of ruins it for me.

I just want to make sure I have this straight..

We draft Biz at 18 years of age, knowing he is a project with high upside, then let him walk at the end of his rookie deal...

How foolish. Waste of a draft pick then.

Why draft a project before he reaches the age where he starts putting things together?

In Biz, I saw a player that really came into his own, particularly when called upon to start when Al was hurt. He is one of the better post defenders in the league and blocks everything in the lane.

I honesty do not see us replacing him with an equivalent player, let alone one that is as affordable.

I'm about as butt hurt as someone can be about this. Very disappointed.

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