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He's learning from Luke and TD. You couldn't ask for better mentors. Only a matter of time he takes Klein's job and never looks back.

....honestly I wouldn't mind seeing him take a few handoffs on the offensive side too, dude's RB highlight reel is pretty sick :)

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This just in...rookie absorbing playbook like a sponge. In other camp activity every year...

Sorry couldn't  resist because it's a quote from that hilarious video.


LOL.  Yeah, I hear that video playing in my head now every time I read any positive article / comment about a player in training camp...

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TD didn't change the world his first camp either (yes yes position change...) I expect Shaq to follow a similar path.

While I'll grant that his position on the roster is still listed as 'linebacker',  would it not be fair to say then given the double duty he's going to be pulling, Thompson could be described as doing a 'position switch'  also?

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