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Official Divisional Playoff Thread - Seahawks at Panthers

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4 minutes ago, !stUp said:

Time and time again folks on this board have been called "chicken littles", knuckleheads etc (and a lot worse). It's an internet message board. I really hope you're not that thin skinned. Most people know that comments here aren't taken personally. I'm sorry if you took them that way. 

if is not something that can be said face to face (especially with someone you don't even know)...why say it? not about being thin skinned, as an excuse. I ignore a lot of it, but if someone wants to keep it going...lines need to drawn at some point. Someone states something about the game, argue on the merits of the counter argument of the game (and the way you see it), otherwise it just shows they insecure, lack maturity and a lack the of merits in their argument and are diverting attention from it. Not directing just at you, as this board is full of people like this. being a former veteran yourself, I am sure you know something about showing respect and maturity even with those you do not agree with...


Thank you for being "big" to apologize and I apologize for falling into the trap, instead of ignoring the foolishness.



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Wow, assuming this 10 point lead for Denver holds, who would have guessed that this game would have the largest margin of victory in the divisional playoffs?  KC vs Pats = 6 points.  GB vs. AZ = 7 points, Panthers vs Seahawks = 7 points.


Update:  Well, didn't expect Pittsburgh to score, but they got the FG, so it too ended up as a 7 point game.

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I've been to a lot of Panthers games, but that's the best one I've ever attended. Got tickets on Thursday in section 504 and I am incredibly glad I did. WE BEAT THE SEAHAWKS IN A PLAYOFF GAME AND ARE HOSTING THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO GO PANTHERS

I'm keeping this as a placeholder bc I'm gonna upload some pics and stuff

EDIT: Added in some pics and video from today's game. Which was awesome. So were the wings at Hooters before the game. Hadn't been to a Hooters in almost six years and I was surprised at how good the wings were. The view wasn't bad but tbh I was so focused on FOX NFL Sunday and my wings I didn't pay attention. My fiance being there too kinda means that's a no-go. We were having a blast together anyway.

So as advertised

Pics are of Cam high-fiving the crowd after the win, Gano getting ready for an extra point after Luke's pick-six, and Cam trotting onto the field just before our 86-yard touchdown drive

Videos are of Luke and TD getting introduced and Stewart running for a touchdown

Spent my downtime as they uploaded drinking tears from SaintsReport or whatever they call that cesspool. The feels are good






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4 hours ago, !stUp said:

The KPA always have had the bulk of their troops close to the Z, so  I don't think they "moved them"  there. I would think you would  take a less passive aggressive attitude toward another vet on a message board

lol I love when veterans think they get automatic immunity because they're veterans.

(P.S. I'm a veteran.  You're just another person.  The difference is you were provided the PRIVILEGE to serve your country.)

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8 hours ago, tiger7_88 said:

lol I love when veterans think they get automatic immunity because they're veterans.

(P.S. I'm a veteran.  You're just another person.  The difference is you were provided the PRIVILEGE to serve your country.)

But don't you know all vets are super entitled, and God forbid offer them a job for less than $15 and hour when they get out....

vet here too, some vets REALLY annoy me.

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