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Official Divisional Playoff Thread - Seahawks at Panthers

Jeremy Igo

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Today the Carolina Panthers face what seems like a division opponent, the Seattle Seahawks. 

These two teams know each other as well as any two teams in the league. 


Keys to Panthers Victory:

1. A heavy dose of Greg Olsen. Seattle's defense has been vulnerable all year in covering Tight Ends. Kam Chancellor has not looked like the player of last year. If the Panthers can find ways to feed Greg Olsen, the win becomes much more attainable. 

2. Minimize Seattle Miracle Plays - Russell Wilson is a virtuoso of making plays out of nothing. He improvises as well as any QB in the league when things break down. The Panthers defense must stay at home, keep on their man even when it looks like Wilson is in trouble. 

3. Throw deep. Seattle will start out stacking the box today with defenders. Count on it. It will take a few long receptions to have them back off a bit. Ted Ginn could be the difference in this game. A few receptions and it is won. A few drops... well.... 

Whatever the outcome, today is the most important and most exciting home game in Panthers history.



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Ginn is the Key.   Hopefully Ginn plays.  If he plays it will make Cotch and Funchess more deadly. 

And BOA has to rock louder than we EVER have. 

I was at the 1996 Steeler game when we won the NFC West.  That place came unglued when Cota intercepted Cordell Stewart.   Let's get it unglued from Game time till the final whistle.  If you go home with a voice you failed our team.  Scream and MAKE IT LOUD.


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Lets go!!! My hearts racing already im pumped . I want to blow them the F out . They sent us home last year and seachicken fans are a bunch of sesbags that talked poo all dang offseason and made excuses for why we beat them.  Lets send them to the offseason and shut up the damn media that has been talking ying yang about us all damn season despite our record. This is our chance to shine its our season and its in our house !! FANS THAT ARE GOING SCREAM UNTIL YOUR THROAT BLEEDS WHEN SEATTLES ON OFFENSE !!!keep pounding #51

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