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Official NFC Championship Game Thread

Jeremy Igo

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Just now, Mr. Scot said:

You're listening to WTMI, Charlotte North Carolina.


Hey, I was tricked. That Qu1million guy started it. And yes, I have jumped off the bridge with my friend. Got a stupid tattoo. And even stared at the sun. The wife says I'm gullible. I prefer to think of it as being a natural born "Hey that sounds cool" kinda guy.

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1 minute ago, RJK said:

Delaire is gonna eat


I'm trying to decide between... Who's he gonna eat? .... And, it's a big game, I hope he already had his lunch. Sooooo.....


The winner is??? What's he gonna eat? Me myself, I had toasted PB&J for lunch. Gonna have 1 of those Tostinos pizzas for the game.

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    • You guys in this thread talking about how "loaded" the Saints are and how the Panthers doomed this Sunday are crazy. Are you really shaking in your boots about the prospect of Marquez Calloway, Deonte Harris, and Chris Hogan? I'll take our trio of Moore, Anderson, Marshall any day of the week. Jameis completed 14 passes last Sunday and 5 went for Td's; nearly half his passes went for touchdowns that's an indictment on lackluster and overrated Green Bay than it proves the Saints offense is a well oiled machine. The Saints have a good Oline but I don't see them rushing for 171 yards like they did last week. The Panthers run defense is vastly improved. Both team defenses are great but I think we have a slight edge there. The Panthers question marks are the Oline and QB, but the Saints still have question marks at their Qb position as well, Jameis has been a Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde type performer his whole career. Give me the Panthers at home 24-10 over the Saints.     
    • Just saw a clip from the Jets game where Moton was driven right back almost into Darnold. (Darnold got the ball off just before Moton crashed into him)  Daley was fine on that play. My point, nobody wins every single block.  Just like no receiver never drops a pass and no QB never throws an int. Now all that said, Daley is not great at RG.  Daley bad at RG =/= Brown better at RG.  Maybe Brown is better, maybe he isn't.  You act like you know.  Like you are in the practices.  You don't know so sit down and shut up.  Be smug later when you guessed right, because that's all you are doing is guessing like you know what you are talking about. Fans who think they know everything is annoying as shitz.  Which I get is 75% of every football forum.  Still annoying though.
    • This is true too. If you're not gonna have a good OL, you better have a good checkdown/dump off option. We have the best one in the league.
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