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I finally got a job part deux


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Got laid off due to COVID in May. I worked for NBC Sports and with the lack of sports being played the writing was on the wall. Got really depressed and stopped taking care of myself.




I'm a video producer & editor and I got a call from a Washington DC based company in early October asking me to do freelance work. Long story short I've been doing freelance work for them for 2 months and they just offered me a full time position last night. I'll be making nearly twice what I was making at my previous job and I'll also be a true Senior Producer for the first time in my career. It's a fantastic company with great people and clients and I'll be moving to Washington DC. I can finally breathe.


Anyway congrats to @ladypanther and to all of the people struggling keep your chin up.

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Great news man.  Cool that things worked out so well.  For anyone that is laid off, seriously don't take it personally.  It is almost always a numbers game and the people making the call either have no idea who you are or don't give a shet anyway.

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9 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

Uh oh. The major Mid-Atlantic cities are probably my least favorite area of this country and Baltimore is at the very bottom. Sign a short lease.

I'm a city boy. I've lived in Boston & NYC. Nothing can scare me.

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