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Charlotte FC Seat Selection has begun

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2 hours ago, S_Walkerman said:

I am very glad that I can get to this event, I have not had fun for a long time and this will be a good opportunity to distract myself from work and chores around the house. You don't know if there will be souvenirs like T-shirts or items with team symbols. I just have a small collection and I want to continue to replenish it, I recently bought a few T-shirts saving money. I saved money using the method I read about in the blog Best Cheap soccer Jersey websites and I want to spend the remaining money on small things from this event. Just when you buy something like this, then it's nice to remember the moments that have already passed and will not happen again.

i see what you did there realization GIF



Spammer be spamming.

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On 2/19/2021 at 7:37 PM, Ja Rhule said:

Lots of people are not buying PSLs due to pricing apparently.

Pop Tv GIF by Schitt's Creek

If I was in the Charlotte area, I'd consider it, but that's a little too rich for my blood when including trips from Charleston.

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1 hour ago, Icege said:

Pop Tv GIF by Schitt's Creek

If I was in the Charlotte area, I'd consider it, but that's a little too rich for my blood when including trips from Charleston.

I need to decide if it’s worth it.  My job might prevent me from attending most games.  

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    • You and CRA both bring up valid points about Fields and Wilson...and that's why I'm not sold on either one of these quarterbacks. I'm shocked so many people are in favor of giving up multiple #1 picks and a couple of other high choices to move up 6 spots in the draft and take either of them.  If one of them fell to number 8, I can see considering it because you still have all of your draft choices to fill in the rest of the roster holes and build a stronger team around him. If we kept Teddy for another year you wouldn't even have to start him right away and give him time to get acclimated to the NFL.  When you start giving away multiple picks inside the first 3 rounds in multiple years for these guys with all of our roster holes, that's a sign of desperation. We need to stay put and get the BPA or even trade down a couple of slots to gain extra picks if we can.
    • During the 2017 offseason, McCown, his wife Natalie, and their four children moved from Waxhaw, North Carolina to Waxahachie, Texas. - from WIKI. He grew up and played all his college ball in Texas, probably why he ended his career there. Also, says he grew up a Dallas fan, eww.
    • Vernon must be looking raw af in practice for JB to be bringing him along this slowly. With Zeller out and him having his way with the G League you'd think he'd be called up. Biz can barely catch a pass out there.
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