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Game of Thrones... Is it worth it?


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"Hold the Door!"

Okay, that was the first moment I've laughed out loud at the show, and not in a good way. Halfway through season 6 and I'm already starting to see the degradation of the writing. Major character kill-offs aren't even shocking anymore. But the "Hold the Door" thing was just so embarrassingly contrived. I can just see the writers room and some 23-year-old film school hack going:

"And then Hodor helps them escape the cave as the White Walkers close in."


"Maybe he closes off the cave entry?"

"How? It's a cave. What could he close off?"

"Maybe there's a door."

"...a door?"


"...to the cave? The cave has a door?"


"But we've seen the other cave entrance like 10 times already. And there's no door."

"But there is on this side."


"Because, get this. He HOLDS the DOOR!"


"Get it?"

"Get what?"

"He HOLDS the DOOR!"

"I don't get it."


"Oh...Okay. I thought his name was just 'Hodor.'"

"Yeah, but this is clever!"


I was screaming with laughter, and I didn't even have to look to know that this wasn't something from the books. But indeed it isn't. His name is just Hodor.

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starts off really strong and is probably a 10/10 up until season 5. that's when you will start seeing some outrageously stupid poo happen but it's still a fun, enjoyable experience. the later seasons are more like summer blockbuster movies though - turn your brain off and try to enjoy the pretty stuff. horrific ending.


overall the most disappointing show of all time.

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30 minutes ago, CRA said:

I actually thought Hodor and that storyline was great.     GOT was still peak GOT then. 

I liked the story line as well. Just the contrivance of his name being a derivation of "Hold the Door" was laughable. It would have worked equally well if he like knocked down a buttress (because he's a giant and really strong) and the cave collapsed, sealing the dead in and allowing them to escape.

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