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Tom Wilson- Washington Capitals

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Following last night's blatant sucker punch and grabbing Artemi Panarin by the hair and nearly slamming his head into the ice, my opinion of Tom Wilson being a hockey thug is now no longer applicable. He's a piece of sh!t human being, a hockey player intent on injuring those he feels are vulnerable enough and obviously, after 7 suspensions, has no remorse and hasn't learned a fugging thing.

A suspension today means nothing. They've had no impact on his behavior. It's time for the league to step up and send a message and put this guy out of the league. 

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Didn’t see that one until you mentioned it. He should get an until the end of the season suspension. 

Dirty punch on someone trying to help the goalie cover to start it. Head to ice intention. Head punches on on a guy who’s down. It almost looked like he was trying to cut him with the skates by “accident” too. 

Saw a perfect comment on twitter comparing the NFLs response to burfiect(sp?) to this. Can’t have the capitals missing him for the first series of the playoffs. 

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5 minutes ago, Stumpy said:

That can't be real. 


Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson was fined $5,000 for punching New York Rangers forward Pavel Buchnevich in the back of the head while he was facedown on the ice, according to the NHL Department of Player Safety.

He's not even being punished for the Panarin poo at all. The fine is for the dirty hit that started the scrum in the first place. 

When it came to Wilson throwing Panarin to the ice, the league also felt it was commonplace when players engage during a scrum. 

I was joking a few weeks ago, when I said that the NHL wouldn't care about player safety until someone dies on the ice. Seems it wasn't really a joke. 

If I'm a DA in NY I'm drawing up charges. If the league won't stop Wilson, somebody has to. 

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7 hours ago, Rocky Davis said:

The fights that broke out in tonight's game due to this walking pile of poo were entertaining.  The Rangers did what they should have done....

Karma is a bitch and Wilson's time will come.

I’m gonna have to look that up. The fight in the Vegas, Minnesota game was an epic heavyweight championship. They let them go for probably too long but was still a really clean fight. 

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If the message came from the ownership of the Rangers I don’t see this ending well for the NHL. It’s obvious they didn’t want to take Wilson out before the playoffs. The players taking measure into their own hands. To the point Washington pulled Wilson as “injured” but it’s obvious it was for his safety or the Rangers safety and poo just kept getting ugly. 


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38 minutes ago, Harbingers said:

Fug the NHL "Department of Player Safety." Fug Parros- he should have been terminated the minute he decided to do nothing but toss a $5000 charity fine at Wilson.

Tom Wilson sucker-punched a player in the back of the head who was down on the ice. 

Tom Wilson then threw another player to the ice not once, but twice, when that player had no helmet on. Tom Wilson injured this player maliciously and with intent.

The NHL "Department of Player Safety" is obviously more concerned with Tom Wilson's safety than the safety of either Pavel Buchnevich or Artemi Panarin.

Tom Wilson does not deserve the privilege of playing in the NHL any longer.   

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