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Youtube TV may be losing all Disney channels Friday


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Including all ESPN networks…18 channels in all…


If you don’t watch these channels and this happens you will save 15 bucks a month as YT will lower their rate while these channels are missing.

Personally considering Hulu Live with Disney bundle since the wife has to have hulu basic anyway.  If this happens that is.

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4 hours ago, cookinbrak said:

I looked at Hulu Live. It costs as much as cable with less channels. No, thanks.

Yeah this is true, all the streaming services of note are expensive these days.  Pretty comparable to cable minus equipment costs etc.  When you include cable bundles they may even be cheaper.

Standalone internet in my area is 90 bucks which feels outrageous but no alternatives really

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13 hours ago, Shocker said:

Well I canceled YT TV and will try Hulu TV with Disney+ bundle.  Looking good so far and ESPN+ is actually kinda nice.  Disney+ has a ton of content now.  Kids are loving it already 

There's a lot of good stuff on Hulu too. And the ESPN+ specials, like the Peyton stuff, is decent

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21 hours ago, Shocker said:

Disney power play for sure here.  Also, Disney is upping the price for Hulu Live TV by 5 bucks next week.  Merry Xmas suckers

It was announced back in November, and they’re giving subscribers more features with the price hike. So not really a predatory price hike in reaction to YouTube.

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30 minutes ago, The NFL Shield At Midfield said:

I wonder if YouTube is going to pull a true sigma move and hold frame during the entire bowl season and CFP

From https://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-football/news/youtube-tv-espn-disney/7qv3nuhg0yn21f60xnq7cosck , the list of games to be aired on ESPN.


  • Orange Bowl and Cotton Bowl on Dec 31, CFP championship on Jan 10 (THESE will be the trigger for fans/contracts, moreso than most of the others on the list)
  • Peach, Fiesta, Rose Bowl, Sugar -- while many games will be interesting to watch, the regional bowl games don't always have as large a national pull as the CFP.
  • Texas, Outback, Citrus.  LSU, Kentucky, Arkansas.... 
  • Oh no, we won't get the Pinstripe Bowl, the Cheez-It Bowl, the Fenway Bowl, Quick Lane Bowl, Guaranteed Rate Bowl....   That Kent State v Wyoming game is going to be riveting!

I jest, slightly -- but some of these bowl games are not going to showcase the players we may be interested in for draft potential as well as watching the same players during the competitive season.  For some of these games, they sometimes come across as glorified pro bowls.

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We’re happy to share that we’ve reached a deal with Disney to return their content to YouTube TV while preserving a $64.99/mo. price for our members. We’ve already started to restore access to Disney networks like ESPN and FX, including their live and on-demand content, as well as any recordings that were previously in your Library. We will also be turning on your local ABC stations over the course of the day. Don’t worry, your personal preferences and recommendations will be just as you left them.

As we promised a $15 discount while the Disney content remained off platform, we will still honor a one-time credit for all impacted Base Plan members.

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    • Baker missed that throw to Robbie but I see that play producing a lot of big plays this coming season. Barro, B. Smith and Barnes defensively S. Smith has such great speed that he needs to be on the field more.  He basically won the game for us with that nice return on our winning drive. 
    • I get it, everyone is always looking for an excuse to blame Rhule.  The coaching staff saw where Corral was and knew he was going to need more time.  They knew it when they had him 4th on the depth chart.  They knew it when they let PJ get more reps to judge the rest of the offensive players on.  If anything this just shows maybe the coaching staff was right on where Corral was and the huddle was wrong.  Nah, I'm sure the huddle knows more and if he had gotten more reps he would be the starter by now.. Corral isnt ready.  It's going to take time.  Everyone who saw the offense he came from in college knew that and that's ok.  Stop trying to spin everything into the coach's fault because you dont like him.  Corral just isnt ready yet.  That's why they traded for Mayfield.
    • Okay that makes sense. I don’t necessarily think a guy has to sit to develop. In some cases they might… for instance I don’t think the Jets should have trotted Zach Wilson out there last year… but as others have mentioned, Mahomes could have started and the Chiefs could have ironed everything out as they went along. Corral, I don’t he could start, I think the learning curve is very steep in regards to where he’s coming from. One reason that I think he should be getting a lot of preseason reps because it’ll be his only in game action this year barring some sort of disaster. Howrver, I do like a lot of the intangibles that Corral possesses so I’m personally not writing him off yet and think he could develop into a good stating QB or at worst a very good backup.
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