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New PFT article on what the Saints want for Payton

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I get the rivalry and not wanting him due to that and the compensation but comparing Payton to Rivera is where folks are letting the rivalry cloud their reasoning. He's significantly better than Ron Rivera. That's just the truth.

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2 hours ago, CamWhoaaCam said:

If Tepper offers him the farm it will be the worst thing that happened to this franchise.


He clearly wants money and power. Sorry but he's not worth 2 1st round picks. You need more than 1 SB to have that type of power. Im just hoping Tepper doesn't sell out for this clown.

Well obviously two 1sts is a bit much.  What I'm talking about here is whether he is interested.  Payton was probably right in what he said on Cowherd about compensation.  This is the Saints response to keep the negotiating bar high.  It's just a negotiating tactic at this point.

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9 hours ago, kungfoodude said:

I don't think we should give up two first round picks for him, that much I agree with.

I hope he just holds out and doesn't go to Denver because I do believe he will be successful there and I don't want to see that.

If he wants to bring his own GM, I doubt Houston will be the spot either. He would have the chance to take a QB in the top 2, however.

DeMeco Ryan’s going to Houston. 

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21 hours ago, CamWhoaaCam said:

Im laughing at these Sean Payton threads.


Colin Cowherd is very close to Payton they had dinner last weekend and he said Payton loves the Denver situation the best.


And there is no way we should be trading picks for a damn coach. That would set us back even more. Stop this Sean Payton nonsense. Guy has 1 SB appearance in his entire career.


When did Sean Payton become this major factor?

Good .. God I hope Cowshit is right for once..

Dam Tep if you want a HC with experience and a good  OC resume just hire Reich and keep the fuging assets dumbass!!

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It is very important to use it with the help of professionals and experts, otherwise it can affect you. This is dangerous for you. Therefore, if you need any help in Vashikaran then you can do it from Vashikaran expert Pandit Vishwanath Tantrik ji. CǒNTAC𝙏 By ⏺ ㆍ+91-9166261178      
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