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Two choices...your pick


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The choices are a lot harder. I wouldn't envy being Tep, Morgan, and Fitt in this situation. Do you bring back the man who instilled Keep Pounding into the franchise or do you bring into the fold not only the first QB in Panthers history, a man who was teammates with Sam Mills, and is an offensive head coach, something this franchise has literally never done. Both would be great stories if they went on to do great things. 


That's why I would look toward the future. I have a friend who works for Frank's brother, Joe Reich, at Wingate. He told me a few key things that apply to both the Reich guys. 


"Very Chill" 

"Regarding the playbook, the playbook is tough to understand. The Reich's are pretty demanding when it comes to knowing the plays" 

"Most rookie QBs aren't gonna understand his system I'll tell you that is one of the reasons that they don't like to rely on young QBs. They're old school. Hardcore West coast Power Run guys. (Eardhart Perkins)"

"For his system to be run effectively, he would need a Pocket Passer Veteran QB" (Derek Carr? anyone?)

"Reich doesn't really care for athletic QBs" (Scratch off Richardson coming here if Reich comes here)

"As a football head coach, they're not John Fox old school but they are by today's standards old school" 

Another thing about Frank Reich I took note of, per this article in the athletic (that is already in another post), it talks about him being a softcore leader (Doesn't really like to call out his players. 


TLDR: The coach you want depends on the QB you want. 

If you want Reich, you'll probably get Will Levis (if he does opt for a rookie), Derek Carr, or Jacoby Brisset. 

If you want Wilks, you'll probably get C.J Stroud (great improviser who can throw it 40 times, Softcore leader but Wilks can lead like a mofo anyway), or you'd get an Anthony Richardson (based on the fact he wanted Josh Allen in the draft but got stuck with Pretty Squidward as his QB).

(The writer of this wants Wilks out of the two.) 


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