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The Athletic: Insight to Brian Burns Contract


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In Madden I traded Burns for Bosa because of his contract demands.  This AI is telling the future.

All seriousness, I don't think Burns sits out the Atlanta game.  If money is that important, he's not giving up nearly a million dollar game check at a less than 6% tax rate.  He really has no incentive to sit out and control the narrative that he is a team first player.

The only way I see him sitting out is if there is ZERO movement from the original tender in the contract talks.  The Crosby deal is not really a good option for comparison.  Only 50% of that contract is guaranteed.   Burns will be looking at something north of TJ Watts deal.  Watt signed his deal in 2021.  If you increased Crosby's deal for inflation and you are looking at $27.5 million per year average.  If you offer Burns 4 years, 115 Million, 80million guaranteed that is fair market price and doable.  This will allow Burns to go for an extension after year 3 or become a trade commodity the last year of his deal.  BEFORE BRYCE NEEDS TO RE-UP!!!!!!

If Burns is looking north of 30 million per season, that amount which is fully guaranteed needs to be altered to protect against injury or decline.  I would not guarantee more than Watt was given.

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1 minute ago, BeenPounding said:

If you offer Burns 4 years, 115 Million, 80million guaranteed that is fair market price and doable. 

It's only a fair market price if you invent Burns into a great edge defender and not just a great pass rusher. 

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On 9/5/2023 at 9:57 AM, Tbe said:

It doesn’t mean any of that. It just means we didn’t want to trade away our best and only pass rusher in the middle of the season. He still has the option to test the open market.

Also, future picks are valued less than picks for the current year. In terms of value, they really offered two 2nds and a 3rd.

I agree that waht you are saying is correct, a lot of front offices view future picks that way but why?  It's almost like it been accepted as fact although it doesn't really seem to be based in any kind of logic.

Maybe if you are contending team but for a team like us that is still rebuilding, I think you have to look at the factors.  If the team that is trying to trade with you has a good chance of being horrible than you should almost look at is an investment.  

Maybe you get a pick this year in the 20-30 range from a different team but if you wait that pick from the Rams is top-10 or maybe even top-5.

Personally, I think alot of coach's and GMs think short term, mainly for job security reasons.


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