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I just witnessed some sickening stuff...


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My old boss used to nail a chick he hired 1 year removed from college while his wife was battling cancer.  I had to do both of their jobs while they took 4 hour lunch breaks every day.  The chick was trying to find a quick path to promotion.  She was pissed when she did not get promoted and reported my boss to HR.  I left for another job and again my new boss hired chick 1 year removed from college.  Within 3 months he was banging her while his wife was 8 months pregnant.  Later, we found out she was sleeping not only with my boss but my bosses boss as well at the same exact time.  While she did get promoted, when the facts became known, she left the company.  The worst part was when my college friend was sleeping with her boss for promotion and I knew her husband as well.  She kept posting on Facebook how much she loves her husband while straight up cheating on him.

All I’m trying to say… this is common.  Ladies are very very opportunistic as well. Don’t just assume it’s the guy only.  Most times it take two to tango.

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26 minutes ago, Happy Panther said:

Sex work is fine but we need to get rid of the human trafficking aspect.

So you would be fine with your daughter/grand daughter working in this field? 

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Aww thanks. I will let my two sons decide that.

I get your anger though. For a lot of boomers, especially evangelicals, there is a feeling that the world has passed them by. And you have a bunch of anger that you have trouble processing due to decades of white knuckling mental health instead of treating it.

All of which manifests itself in judging people at Wal Mart and screaming on the internet.

Have at it just try not to find yourself as a cautionary tale on tik-tok.

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    • It’s either two things. Wads wanted more money OR Tom had enough of coming up short every year.  It can’t be anything else. 
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    • This whole thing still seems fishy to me. Id love to find out when the truth comes out in the future.
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