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  1. not true..... his teammate immediately knew something was very wrong, he was about to throw the ball to him as he collapsed in front of his eyes. He actually made sure that his tongue was not blocking his airways..... Yes, flopping is an irritating component of the game, but this had nothing to do with it and players, officials, and medics knew right away.
  2. peanuts (that's what we are calling them here)
  3. A fan base just wants two things..... either a Superbowl or the top pick in the draft. One team will win the SB, one team will get the #1 pick in the draft. Thirty (30) teams will get neither. Players and coaches of every single team just want to win games, showcase their talents and make money.. they are not going to give games away to "please" the fan base.
  4. I knew it was clickbait when I saw it... and yet .....
  5. should change your handle from BrianS to BrainS ....
  6. Yes, things happen fast.... YET, some make the right and some make the wrong decisions !! Burfict is a POS, period...
  7. Great stuff, Jeremy. Shared on FB. What a season !!
  8. 10 -12- 14... oh what am I saying, I love them all !!!!
  9. ffing YES.... what a game !!! I dont ffing care whether the media focus on the Seawhos implosion.... we WON and I feel good !!!!
  10. Nice pictures....... I particularly like #3 with Cam "praying" even though I am not religious myself. While the others are nice "actionshots", this one has more "depth". To me, this one is on par with the rain picture of Luke.
  11. but, but, but..... he can dance !!!!
  12. Couldn't agree more !! I work at MUSC in Charleston. My wife, who works in the Charleston county library system, lost a colleague, and the wife of one of my colleagues lost a friend in this tragedy. Mr. Richardson did a great thing to help the family of the victims..... Proud of my city and proud to be a Panther
  13. why don't YOU just stop annoying me ....
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