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  1. Cam giving us some degree of hope again. And that the Canes are doing well.
  2. The sensible approach would have been to be rebuild and not trade away 2/3rds of this coming draft. Darnold's trade in particular is one of the worst deals we've ever made. I could've lived with the later picks but that second. Awful. Just idiotic.
  3. Still needing linebacker talent and nose tackle help, imo. That said, Snow really doesn't seem to have an answer for a power ground attack.
  4. I feel like there were enough shots to win. The hockey gods just hated us tonight. Some of those powerplay sequences were ridiculous. Gru just somehow became godlike again tonight and just....blah.
  5. Wise. I guess my best response is we were told this was a multi-year project and it's clear the oline both needs addressed and hasn't fully been addressed. If that's achieved and successful next year, I'd see how it goes. Personally if I move towards firing him it's at the end of the season because as you said interim coaches rarely amount to poo. Overall, I think the experiment has failed, but Rivera himself took years to turn it around. Maybe some kind of switch gets flipped next year. I'm skeptical but at this point what does hope hurt? Frankly I think this season is on life support at best. All of this said, Joe Brady has to be gone this offseason. I don't think he's ever going to get "it." At least not here. Maybe he gets another chance somewhere down the road, years down the road, when he's got more experience.
  6. Hypothetical: if this season bottoms out and we never win another game, how short of a leash do you give Rhule next year?
  7. This team doesn't deserve anger. They deserve disinterested apathy until they prove they are finally sick and tired of mediocrity and become better than that.
  8. On the one hand, I'd love to keep a homegrown CB for the first time since, what, Gamble? On the other, Jackson reminds me too much of Norman: inconsistent play mixing unremarkable play with highlights periodically. That and the injury history says, to me, some kind of a tag at best if we keep him another year or two to help develop the younger guys then let him go, hopefully in a trade sort of thing to get some draft capital back. Particularly in this coming draft I think that'd be my choice. Tag and trade.
  9. need to see Cam receiving a td and it'd be neat to see PJ do the same.
  10. It was meant more inspirationally than trying to be a CNH. I'd be perfectly fine supporting a draft pick qb provided they panned out. I'm far past over the reclamation concept.
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