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  1. Being on the right side of "Any Given Sunday" more often than not and all games in coming January and February
  2. Not giving a pass, just giving an opportunity. Most of the folks who make a living at evaluating talent say he would have been #2 in this draft behind Lawrence. If our coaches can turn him around, we're golden. If not we have 2 years to find a replacement. The only difference is we would have 4 years to replace Fields.
  3. Only Fields, Haskins, and Schlichter were 1st round picks.
  4. The Golden Calf of Bristol: New Orleans Saints were ‘trying to get me’ to join up (usatoday.com)
  5. Every one I've seen is individually packaged, prior to use anyway.
  6. You really want to be pissed off don't you? You should blame Rivera for letting his team lose to us like so many others.
  7. Shanahan wants Jones. The rest of the org is trying to convince him Lance is the better options. Jets will ultimately take a 3rd for Darnold. Panthers are still looking to trade up but Darnold is a backup plan.
  8. You posted which simply is not true. We will have $5 million dead cap in 2022 unless we cut him and take the hit now. Cutting him new opens up slightly less than 3 million in cap space. That becomes a little less than 8 million with the June 1 designation which pushes the 5 million for his signing bonus to 2022.
  9. Teddy will still hit us for $5 MILLION in 2022 from his signing bonus proration. The only way to avoid it in 2022 is to cut him preJune 1st this year (or convince him to pay it back)
  10. I never did for the asking price. It had nothing to do with the current allegations.
  11. Just about enough to cover the Moton tag.
  12. Where'd you get $19M? I see $57M over on Spotrac. $62M over on OTC
  13. I believe that would be Leotiger. He didn't say it, but clearly demonstrated it.
  14. Cutting him even after June 1 won't help much. Most if not all of his 2021 salary was fully guaranteed. PS: Teddy Bridgewater Contract: Details on Panthers QB’s 3-year deal (usatoday.com)
  15. CTRCAT is far too easy



  16. Typing is not in my skill set so I won't pound out a long reply like some. My love for the Panthers is surpassed by none.
  17. i'm not sure why these guys want to imply that their play-offs have started. We've met in the play-offs at their house. http://www.nfl.com/scores/2005/POST18
  18. A lot of good games mentioned. I liked the Rams double OT. Also the Cowboys playoff games (both). The "Annexation of Puerto Rico" game against Houston sticks in my head as well.
  19. I think you misread or maybe I did. They listed 4 different parts of this single incident. That all occurred in 1 confrontation. All I have to add is Josh Brent - Intoxication manslaughter felony - 10 game suspension Greg Hardy - misdemeanor Simple assault charges dropped - 10 games suspension Makes sense to me.
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