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  1. My favorite win of the season.
  2. You sure do like to whine a lot. Get over it dude. Posting this every day is not going to change it.
  3. What do you guys think about the decision to keep Gano over Butker?
  4. You lost when you created this thread.
  5. Whoah, whoah,whoah! Watson may be available for trade? Why hasn't someone already posted about this?
  6. I don't think I'm interested. If we get Watson I'm afraid it would ruin our draft position for years to come!
  7. I have been waiting for someone to finally create a post about Deshaun Watson.
  8. No way that can happen. I have been told multiple times by the huddle that the win against WFT has ruined our chance at EVER getting a QB.
  9. Your definition of trash talk must be different than mine.
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