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  1. I just don’t think Young has an NFL. For all of Howells flaws, he certainly has the arm for the league. Neither seem like future champions, but if I had to guess which one is more likely to be, it’s Howell
  2. I’m not saying this to poo on Bryce but I don’t imagine Jefferson is really wanting to lock himself down long term with a rookie that was pretty underwhelming last season. Can’t imagine we are what he’s looking for lol
  3. He’s been a troll windup merchant for his entire huddle existence.
  4. I’m not going to a party. Really don’t care about either of these teams and I’m not sure I’ll even watch tonight. But if I were to go, I would wear CMC. He’s the only player I have a soft spot for playing and for his sake I would like to see him win one. Plus I’m really over the Mahomes, Kelce media circus.
  5. Yeah Melo is a talent we need but he doesn’t have his head right and I’m nearly over my fandom at this point. I want him to get his head in the game but at this point I would be open to trading him for assets next year if he doesn’t start taking it serious and playing defense.
  6. PJ is an okay player but he’s not a huge loss. We can replace a PJ caliber player with a top 20 pick in all likelihood and the small chance that the Mavs slump and/or Luka deals with injuries improving the pick could be a down the line upgrade. A break even at least. But the real kicker in these picks could potentially be that we have a young core right now in Miller, Mark, Melo and Bridges. So there is every chance if we are really competing in a few years, these picks could be used as trade fuel to bring in another star via trade when this young core is in its competitive prime.
  7. The 1st is top 2 protected in 2027… Mitch has actually made some great trades today.
  8. I mean they provided evidence of the best QBs in the league all doing the thing you said should never happen. It seems the “cope” has shifted to you desperately keeping your head above water lol
  9. I’ll raise my hand and take my lumps on that one. I was excited about him at the time. It was probably a mixture of getting rid of Richardson and the idea that an owner with that much money wouldn’t be afraid to spend whatever it took to build a contender with elite staff and facilities. Boy was I wrong.
  10. Another one of your trash takes. Lol Soccer doesn’t suck. It’s the best game in the world. American soccer (and specifically the MLS) is indeed garbage though.
  11. There are tons of sports streaming sites that are free. I haven’t had cable in two years, just internet and a Netflix and Amazon prime subscription, but I have watched more sports in the last few years than any other point in my life. The sites even stream like French and German league basketball games so I was watch players like Wemby play in France fairly often.
  12. Yeah he’s one of the few guys playing full of fire out there on every play. Certainly not all, but many of this team seems to have checked out and go missing throughout the games. Luvu goes 110% from the first whistle to the last.
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