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  1. Thanks? It doesn’t really having anything to do with me. Just a pretty unanimously held opinion within the football community lol
  2. Brady is the absolute goat. Mahomes is not that. Mahomes is an incredible player and could pass Brady one day. But no, he’s not anywhere near the goat status or Tom Brady at this point. And he’s my favorite player in the NFL so I’m not knocking him. But it’s absurd to say he’s better than Brady.
  3. Mahomes will probably end his career 2nd only to Tom Brady. I get the excitement for finding our new franchise QB but I agree with you. These comparisons are getting out of hand lol
  4. I gave you a list of things all after his NY days. What an ignorant post and a poor attempt at deflection. You got check mated and tried your best to save face. You failed.
  5. I’m really hoping Chark is in the process of packing his bags. I know he has had injury issues, but when healthy I think he’s actually a legit low end #1. Dude has size and speed and has produced when healthy in bad situations. I think Thielen, Chark, TMJ and Hurst would be more than enough to make a rookie feel comfortable behind a solid running game
  6. Oh really? He only showed his ass during his giants days? The Browns didn’t kick him out of practice and make him leave the facilities while he played there? He didn’t post videos of his QB missing throws to him on social media to start a controversy while he was there? He didn’t throw punches against multiple players after leaving the Giants, most notably against the Ravens multiple times? He didn’t stir up more attention and controversy handing cash to LSU players specifically to get the spotlight? He didn’t get drug tested in LA after a game and freak out? Dudes a douche bag. He was in NY and he has been ever since. And I only brought up instances after he left NY. Never mind fighting Josh Norman or throwing his QBs under the bus while he was there. What else ya got for me hotshot? Since you think I can’t list numerous times he’s been an ass and that I’m just uninformed, you need anymore from me? Remember him punching and kicking the kickers net like a child in another tantrum? Need more? Yeah, I don’t want this drama queen around our rookie for good reason.
  7. Don’t need him around our rookie. OBJ is a tantrum throwing diva. He’s an elite receiver and if we had an established vet QB then I would be all for it. But for developing a rookie? Keep that cancer away.
  8. “Let me go in the locker room. I’m Thielen it!” okay… that was a poor Blink-182 attempt but that’s my contribution
  9. Yeah when you factor in how poor our division is, absolutely I think that’s achievable. We nearly won this division last year with a combination of three starting QBs, all of which are worse than what we will have this season, a clown show coaching staff and we have improved our team significantly across the board. We have a better secondary already it’s the addition of Bell, a 3-4 which puts Burns in his best position, a healthy Horn. We have an improved RB running behind a great line, Hurst and Thielen and rumors of Chark potentially on his way. We will have a massively improved coaching staff, an improved offense, improved defense and the team that beat us for the division title last season is now in rebuild mode. At this point the Falcons are our biggest competition on paper followed by the Saints. The Falcons are the only ones who seem to have improved without significantly from last season and I think there’s a very real chance we are ahead of them. So yeah. I’m not saying we are SB contenders, but this division is not good. And we are on the best current trajectory. I think we take it down next season at this rate.
  10. 10 more? I’m not sure I can take another 10 weeks. We are drafting a QB #1 in a month lol
  11. Fitt has been incredible so far this offseason. He’s embarrassing all the clowns saying he was trash and needed to get sent packing with Rhule. I trust him. He’s killing it right now. We look like we can take the division immediately at this point.
  12. Cam is probably the best Panther of all time. He’s easily in the top 3. But it’s time to let it go. We are drafting our new “Cam” this year. Can we just retire the “resign Cam” posts and comments now?
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