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Panthers taking Patriots game seriously

Jeremy Igo

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Rivera clearly stated last year they game planned for the Patriots.


Im starting to think you just reply to topics to muddy the conversation.  

And I think you just chicken little everything like you did with Oher to get everyone in a panic and create controversy whether justified or not.

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Thats just P55 setting up his Shula defense for next week.  Not sure why,  maybe the Panthers offense does well. He should have more faith in the guy he is the biggest supporter on the huddle  for. 

No you make no sense.  If he gameplanned and took things seriously last year and we got beat so badly, then what is different this year that justifies an article stating that we are taking it seriously or doing something different this year which is the tone of your article.  If it is different than last year then clearly there wasnt a big effort to gameplan last year and the result shouldnt be related to how we finished.  If is isnt different then your article and its conclusions are totally wrong and overblown since we are doing no different than last year.

You are either backtracking saying we gameplanned last year when we didnt, or we did last year then this year is no different and we arent treating it any different.  You can't have it both ways.

As for my defense of Shula, there are several threads criticizing him and I havent weighed in on them because it is just a waste of time.  My comments wont change the feeling here which you do everything you can to foment and that just wastes my time.  I come here to discuss but that implies others have an open mind.  Most here like you are not open to anything that tries to shake what you decided a decade ago about him. 

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I understand Jonathan Jones' point of not putting much stock into preseason, but I feel like this game is different. We're playing the reigning Superbowl champs. The team that took away our Superbowl. The team that embarrassed us last year.

It's the third preseason game, and it's time for the Panthers to prove to the nation that we aren't a joke or a fluke and deserved to be in the playoffs last year. 

I don't much stock in winning the game or anything or final score.

I put a good amount in how starters will play entering a season.  There are exceptions like I don't think Cam really counts much b/c he is basically asked to be "half" of what he is.  Outside of that, if WRs can't get open or catch....it means something.   If the OL can't generate a traditional run game early....it means something.  Means we have a long way to go still in those areas.


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I feel like if your not allowed to be even a little disappointed or concerned based off of preseason performances, you shouldn't be allowed to be excited or optimistic based off of them as well. It's a two way road.


I think it will mean something come Friday night and I hope we perform well. No it doesn't mean everything, but a nice showing would do well for some team confidence, especially for the boys on offense (the defensive line needs to show up also).

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