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Panthers - Jaguars Gameday Thread

Jeremy Igo

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By the way, just got to give a shout out to Scott Fowler.  I'm an Observer subscriber, so I just got to log on and read that piece about TD, which doesn't appear to be online (yet?).  It is a truly excellent piece of writing and an awesome profile of and tribute to TD as he begins his 11th season with the Panthers.

Let's see TD get to the ProBowl this year... and even better, let's get him a Superbowl trophy and ring

Go Panthers!  Keep Pounding!

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Week 1 GameDay Thread!! It's finally here!

I'm going to savor this and hope we can start the season with a W. 

I'll be working 7p-7a tonight and will already be tired, so I need a Panthers win to keep me in good spirits for my patient's sake haha.

Keep Pounding!

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Hmmm. This puts some of our opening day losses under Ron in a little perspective.  Tough to game plan when you have no film on a team.  Definitely ups the challenge we'll be facing today


Making matters more challenging is the fact that Jacksonville has a new offensive coordinator in Greg Olson. Interestingly enough, this is the fourth time in five years Carolina is opening the season against a team’s new play caller.

"The unknowns keep me up at night," defensive coordinator Sean McDermott said. "I’ve got a lot of respect for Coach Olson and what he does on the offensive side for Jacksonville. The offense probably has the edge going into the first game of the season just because you’re not sure what they’re working with."

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    • I was never a fan of Fields. Though he was a good college QB the NFL is a different animal. I think he'll have some success but IMO will not be better than Darnold.  It was a good decision to get Darnold here. All the rookie QBs are going to struggle this year.  Fields, Lawrence and Wilson are on really bad teams. Jones is having issues against good teams. Lance is currently a gadget play QB and is probably in the best situation of the 5. Darnold receives lots of love from the media because we are 3-0.  He isn't dropping 50 yd bombs but is running the offense very well.  Considering our O-line is a mess, he's doing well. Our success relies on two things.  Our defense keeps balling out and Brady does his homework and comes up with good offensive game plans to counter our poor line and what better defenses will bring to us.   If Brady can come up with a good gameplan, Darnold is tough enough and smart enough to execute it. We'll have our bumps.  I don't see us going 17-0.  I'll be ready for the bandwagon to be deserted after we lose one game. 
    • Let's see how many empty seats would be in the stadium if you excluded the SC fans. From day one the team was intended to represent both states so you guys really need to stop acting so high and mighty and quit looking down on the SC fanbase.
    • Their O line makes ours look like All Pro
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