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Falcons - Saints GameDay Thread

Jeremy Igo

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    • I think all the interested parties know his trade is inevitable, as well. The rest is just posturing.
    • Well the whole way through the few have carried the many. When you think about how many people are derpy and clueless compared to the Einsteins, and the top Engineers and the top Teachers, and the Top etc. Most people just get carried by the deeds of the few. I think it will just continue to be the few carrying the many until AI can carry those and keep them occupied(they already are starting: Netflix, YT, other apps) while the smartest and most capable just continue doing their thing.  I am definitely more of a pro human optimist. I just understand that a lot of people just aren't born with much capabilities and others are hindered by poverty. Upping our base economic level is a must and it is easily the most educated the world has ever been. Just keep upping that education(hand in hand with economy) and you'll get more scientists and engineers and artists. You'll still have a lot of slag but it's always been that way. Perhaps we will surpass that with genetic engineering or cybernetic enhancements which will for sure change everything.
    • Better at rebounding and protecting the rim than ANYone on our roster and on a 1 year deal - so we wouldn't be mortgaging anything important..
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