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Cam's Clear Case for MVP

Jeremy Igo

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 I think Newton's passing alone (35 TD's, #1 offense, 3800+ yards on 15-1 team) are enough, makes him an MVP candidate IMO.

We don't even have to go to the running stuff.

We must remember. If not for numerous drops, bad weather games, catches tackled on the 1 yd line, and Rivera applying the brakes during big leads/pulling Cam early (which many teams don't do). Newton would have well over 4000 yards, 40+ passing TD's, and a higher completion percentage. So he is MVP worthy on his passing alone. It was the bad weather games and receivers which "dragged his stats down (if we'd like to label it such a thing)". And he still ended up with the #1 offense, and leading TD stats.

And we can't forget he's doing this all with very average receivers, and a rehabbed, parts bin Offensive line.

So he's MVP alone on his passing yes. However, the running stuff Jeremy's citing just makes it otherworldly (even though Cam didn't run as much the 2nd half). And this is why he may be a unanimous MVP.

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For those salty Seattle fans, who hate the fact the diminutive Wilson can't run in as many TD's compared to Cam.

We must remember, Olsen (several times), Philly, and other Panther receivers were tackled on the one yard line after long runs. So it's only fitting in some ways that Newton was able to run those in. Cause in reality they should have been passing TD's.

So good for Cam or Shula.

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4 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

I don't need stats to know who the MVP is.  My eyes and my football knowledge are enough.

No doubt it's Newton.

Unfortunately, I would say 80% of football fans (and many in the media) can't judge talent, and/or have no ideas what's happening on the field, and how players fit into the whole scheme, and what they're doing.

But I hear ya!

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1 hour ago, TheRed said:

Excellent work.

Just imagine if the huddle geniuses here in 2011 had gotten their way about not wanting to draft Newton.

In fairness: You can say that about many draft picks.

Nonetheless, as  I've said numerous times here. Contrary to popular belief. Newton was the consensus #1 pick 1 month before the draft with NFL people.

Problem is: Most people (including here on The Huddle), only listened to media people and Faux "Draft experts", who overtly tainted their opinions-besides their own biases-of Newton. So they find this incredulous to believe now somehow.

Ron Ron and his staff did themselves, and/or read all the necessary research (film-throw/run breakdowns, interviews, deep background checks, etc...) as the NFL draft pool scouts. Therefore, they had a lot less question marks regarding Newton as many media and fans did (Think Jameis Winton, and all his troubles, while still a #1 pick). And before you say it, since I mentioned Winston. The Panthers saw through film break down that Newton could make every NFL throw; while his offense wasn't as simple as many claimed. And through both film review and interviews, the Panthers knew Newton rarely ran on his own. So he was clearly committed to sitting in the pocket (contrary to what most media were saying at the time).

No one in the media was talking about Real NFL stuff. It was all in their mind and hearts. Not surprisingly, many folks on sites like this, just repeated what they heard from dumb media.

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