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One Carolina


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This one appears to not be super official...


NC State's twitter said they were staying neutral since they have alumni on both sides, and it looks like someone took it into his own hands. (NC State finally decided to do it, but I'm not putting it here because they're basically traitors. If you want to see the official NC State one, go to page 13, last post)

Middle school represent!









Fan made Clemson one


Holly Springs Salamanders is trying
















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That pretty awesome. You don't normally see this type of solidarity between college teams and pro teams. Hell even in different sports the Carolina's are united with the Panthers since I remember the Hornets page posting a picture of them waving a Panther banner.

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2 minutes ago, Jimmy said:

Something else pretty awesome, if you go to trendsmap.com (which plots twitter trends on a map) there is a Panthers fan in Kenya using the #OneCarolina.  Pretty neat stuff. We are worldwide baby!

Edit: @CarolinaSunday, just saw you posted this as well.  Good stuff

No worries, man. We're all One today! 

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