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Official NFC Championship Game Thread

Jeremy Igo

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Just now, Mr. Scot said:

You're listening to WTMI, Charlotte North Carolina.


Hey, I was tricked. That Qu1million guy started it. And yes, I have jumped off the bridge with my friend. Got a stupid tattoo. And even stared at the sun. The wife says I'm gullible. I prefer to think of it as being a natural born "Hey that sounds cool" kinda guy.

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1 minute ago, RJK said:

Delaire is gonna eat


I'm trying to decide between... Who's he gonna eat? .... And, it's a big game, I hope he already had his lunch. Sooooo.....


The winner is??? What's he gonna eat? Me myself, I had toasted PB&J for lunch. Gonna have 1 of those Tostinos pizzas for the game.

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    • Yeah, I realize that, and yet somehow Panthers managed to sign a guy that still can't manage to kick the ball beyond the back of the end zone (and bonus, misses pats too). Our kicking game seems to be stuck in reverse.
    • There is a mob mentality to hate on offensive linemen here.   "Can he play LT" is a constant joke ripping on our LT.   And it is constant.  I have spent plenty of time on other teams forums and I  know that we are one of the worst fanbases for ripping on our OL-men.   Months in offseason and  preseason of panic and derision directed at Erving and Elflein before they even played a snap.  And now, when the OL is playing decent, the huddle attacks wherever the pff score sends them.  Why?   Seriously why send all this bad energy at our own players? I'm not arguing if Elflein is a good player.  Pat Meyer and Rhule have determined that Elflein is the best we've got until Brown, BC, or Daley are ready.  The jets threw 1st round guard Elijah Vera-Tucker on the line before he was ready and Derick Brown ate his lunch.  Wilson paid the price. I'm engaging people who are fueling the mob and will continue to do so. Why not do the snap shot play by play of fugups on some of our opponents players?
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