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Official Panthers at Saints Wildcard Gameday Thread.

Jeremy Igo

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Just now, TheRed said:

Well, one thing is for sure, this thread is going to be quite interesting to read in a few hours. I expect no less than 30 pages worth of posts ranting about Cam Newton.

I'm not coming back here for this poo to be blamed on Cam (he's throwing to Division 3 dudes). All blame needs to be on shitty Rivera, Shula, Dorsey, and Hell, probably Wilks. 

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5 minutes ago, JakeDel5674 said:

Alright, keys to this game:

Aaron Rodgers needs to transform into Cam Newton's body.

Our 2003 front four needs to transform into our front fours bodies.

2015-2016 Josh Norman needs to transform into Bradberry's body. 2003 Ricky Manning Jr. needs to transform into Daryl "shitty" Worley's body.

2015-2016 Kurt Coleman needs to transform into 2017-2018 Kurt Colemans body.

Adams can remain the same. He's not good, but he's okay.

If ALL this happens guys. We got us a W. Let's hope for the best.


You think if this happens, we got us a W? 

I honestly think Cam needs to run for almost 200 yards (something ridiculous) for us to have a shot

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Fox just set up a nice anti-Cam Newton piece with their wet-tongue puff piece on Cam Jordan as the “humble” Cam.

lololololololol... “humble”

And there are assholes that still believe the NFL media doesn’t go out of their way to make Newton a target.

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