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1996 Playoffs


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That 96 game was loads of fun to watch.

The 03 game was fun too.  What made it even better was the network (ABC, I think) had prepared a video interview with Jerry Jones ahead of time.  It was asking him about what had led him to hire Bill Parcells.

The tone of the video made it pretty obvious that they had expected to be playing it at a time when the Cowboys were leading by a healthy margin.  That didn't happen (pretty sure the Cowboys never led by any margin) but late in the third quarter they ran it anyway.

It was hilarious watching this video of Jerry Jones grinning like the cat that ate the canary while in real time his team was getting manhandled :)

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1 minute ago, je1005 said:

The Cowboys 03 playoff game was an event. Stayed at the Westin, club level seats, uptown was a damn zoo afterwards.

Great memory. 

Hell yea it was. I’ve never been to a game so hyped. Panthers fans were starved for success at that point

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7 minutes ago, JARROD said:

I still have the Sports Illustrated with Kerry Collins and Mark Brunell on the cover calling for the Expansion Bowl,...

i sent mine to mark brunell to autograph. he sent is back signed and with a signed football card. i had hoped collins would around a while and have him sign it too. no luck. so its framed, half autographed and on my wall.

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It's cool to watch Pat Summerall and John Madden in that 96 video.  Football coverage was so different back then it feels like I'm watching something from the 70s.

Another fun thing about the 03 vid is hearing the announcers talk about this tight end for the Cowboys who had a good rookie year.  His name? Jason Witten.


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Couple of historical tidbits...

The 96 game was preceded by Barry Switzer saying he didn't know where Charlotte was.  After the loss, Lamar Lathon made a point of asking him if he knew where Charlotte was now.

If you watch the 03 clip, you'll see Kris Jenkins having an amazing sense of timing with the Cowboys snap count.  It's because Brentson Buckner noticed that Cowboys QB Quincy Carter would wiggle his fingers when the snap was coming.

Also from 03, Steve Smith said that Jake Delhomme gave him endless s--t about getting caught at the 1 yard line :)

Looked him up.  The guy who cut him is now a loan officer.

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