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This dude is fuuuuuuuuuggggged

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1 minute ago, Snake said:

I'm not saying it's right and I don't agree with it at all but it's something that has been given a platform. Especially in Alabama. I mean it's no different than marrying your horse or cousin. 


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I dont know about current figures, but around 2015 if the FBI was knocking on your door... it was a near 93% chance you were guilty in a court of law. FBI doesnt build weak cases, they have evidence on top of evidence. Witnesses/friends/family that signed all sort of papers saying you are guilty.  Experts that have iron clad reps and can not be caught in a lie. 

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11 hours ago, Doc Holiday said:

So funny fact, a lot of child porn on the internet is actually posted by the FBI or the local SBI with a virus attached which notifies the agency when and from where it was downloaded. 

that’s how they catch 99.9% of these people. By the time they actually search your house, your goose is cooked.

This is not true at all lol.

I work in the field.

FBI chat rooms however, a very large percent.

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Just now, onmyown said:

This is not true at all lol.

I had a guy I monitored on pretrial release that downloaded one of these files and uploaded it to a file share site which went on to be downloaded 130+ times. 

I believe in his case it was a file from the FBI and they forwarded information regarding the case to the SBI. 

The guy had a history of mental issues and suffered from a TBI 20 years ago and had a mind of a 13 year old so he just ended up getting probation and a slap on the wrist. But this stuff does happen.

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