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Andy Reid's son in car accident

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1 minute ago, Cookie Lyon said:

You don't see color???

 Image result for yeah ok gif


I dont, but I can count.... Here I'll post Chad "SUPER Scumbag" Wheeler and what he did. They each had extreme DUIs and I dont see the same energy you had about Reid....hmmmmm They even killed people, but you know... weird huh?!?


On January 23, 2021, Wheeler was arrested in Kent, Washington, on domestic violence charges. He was charged with three counts of felony domestic violence and later released on $400,000 bail.[3][31] Wheeler said he would temporarily retire to "get his life together" after the incident.


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Yep in the legal system it really does just come down to money. Money buys you representation and specialists. I see it everyday in my work.

Not to say free lawyers are always bad, in fact, depending on the situation they can the the best. But that’s the exception. In general, money=better outcome.

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1 hour ago, t96 said:

Rob seems to be a good father, but that may partially be why he’s not a great coach... All the best HCs have to put so much of their time and focus into football that it doesn’t really mesh with being a parent. Seems impossible to actually balance that.

@4Corners it won’t let me edit but I meant to say Ron, as in Ron Rivera...

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3 hours ago, Cookie Lyon said:

I saw a GoFundMe page that's being circulated for the critically injured child's medical bills.

I don't know if it's a legit page as of yet though. Hopefully, it is real.

Britt Reid's insurance should be covering a lot if not all.  Then there will be a lawsuit...which there should be.

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22 hours ago, electro's horse said:

you're burying the led here

it was a DWI (him) and there are multiple people in critical condition, including children. 

If I;m not mistaken, one or both of his sons were in jail for drugs back when Reed was coaching Philly

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1 hour ago, mrcompletely11 said:

Her posts are 95% about race

Cookie - "This is wrong and hes living off the privilege of being a HCs' coach son"

Bas- " Its really has nothing to do with that. Wealthy people getting away with everything, heres a example="

Ms.thered- "LOL He black and the only example LOL"

Bas- " ???.... He killed a person and heres another example"(reverse LOLOLOLOL)

Cookie aka ms.thered   - " Youre racist! "

Bas- " I understand you dont care as much now, even thought they killed and continued playing.... no helping you. BTW heres another one and found a piece of poo white guy for the person that only sees color " 

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21 hours ago, mrcompletely11 said:

Her posts are 95% about race

Yeah, no one should talk about that dirty nasty subject. History and reality have no relevance in our perfect little fantasy world. 

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2 minutes ago, mrcompletely11 said:

Dude this is a football board, nothing more, nothing less

It's a discussion board for fans of the Carolina Panthers. People talk about stuff. What food they're eating. Our next QB. Hot sauces. Things that are going on in our country and affect our countrymen. Get used to that.

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