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General NFL Free Agency Thread

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Just now, Trainwreck said:

Giants are getting better and better by the day signing some good players. Panthers on the other hand. I’m not very confident at all with David Tepper as the owner. He has made some bad decisions since being the owner. 

Tepper's not the guy making our free agency decisions.

(nor should he be)

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Just now, Trainwreck said:

Tepper is the guy that kept Hurney who gave Teddy Bridgwater a massive contract. Now, we’re a year late in our rebuild. Imagine, if we had hired Fitterer last year. What could Fitterer have done this year in free agency? Probably a lot more instead of signing injury proned players. 

No argument that he kept Marty too long, but he's gone now.

Just have to wait and see how well Rhule and Fitterer work together.

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1 hour ago, TheSpecialJuan said:


Dave has busted up his dumpster driving meme, hes dropping some serious coin. Its smart cause the NFC east is up for grabs and hes throwing cash trying to win it. 

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7 hours ago, ForJimmy said:

Jackson getting that much money makes sense why we didn’t sign him. Love how our defense is shaping up! Could still use a CB, FS, and another DT.

Funny enough these were positions we needed going into free agency and the draft.  We still need them.  

LT, QB, RG, CB, FS and DT are still needs.  Do like the Perryman, Fox and Reddick pickups though.  I think we all can see who the target positions in the draft are.  

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