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Any Glaring Needs Heading Into The 2022 Draft?


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2 hours ago, Double Trouble said:

Until proven otherwise I think LT and QB are the biggest needs. 

The coaching staff thinks they have found the answers.  We shall season after the season if they are correct or not.  Darnold and Christensen both are boom or bust prospects.

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1 hour ago, Jack Membar said:


thanks for the contribution to the conversation.

don't put a link to any free movie site and tell your friends to stop posting them in here too.

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On 5/8/2021 at 4:36 PM, Basbear said:


My main need/want heading into 2022 is LT. Honestly thats about it, as far as the highest want/need. OL in general, but I think OGs could be found and they maybe already on the team(Brown&Moore). Elf I feel will be the 2022 C, how he does....well Im not going to say either way right now. Christensen is the wild card, could play a big role this year or next or be a RT or LG or RG or LT in either year. I know the players he put up high ranks against will NOT be playing NFL ball, they will be driving trucks or bouncing at bars come 2022. 

Yeah Elf is the C in waiting as it stands today. I'm with you that I'm not thrilled with that but, who knows, maybe he gets back to average. Maybe Moore works out as an UDFA at C, but not hitching my wagon to that. Erving would get the 1st crack in 2022 if ELF fails, but I'm not really feeling great with Erving as more than a backup (and a pricy one). Think Erving was brought in as a plug to patch the dam whenever there is a hole; he's the super sub. Super backup IMO, but will forced into a starting role.

I'm going with LT as the #1 need again on the line. I'm thinking Christinsan is a LG more than a LT. And that's ok. Think he would grade out as a fantastic LG in a zone blocking scheme. 

I think they have to keep Moton right now as he's the only good lineman they really have. Yes it's at RT, but they are not finding a LT in FA they can afford. So keep him at a premium for 3-4 years and look for the cheap rookie at LT or role out with a scrap heap guy yet again (okung and other were serviceable). I Would hate to see Brady go to RT out of need because we screwed up with Moton, it create another hole.....

Think they have 4+ guys to plug in at RG so that's not an issue in 2022. 

I do like that we have a few guys that can play 2 or more positions on the line, that's useful for backups.


So in 2022 that's:

LT: TBD, Scott, Erving

LG: Christinsan, Daley, Moore

😄 Elf, Erving, Moore

RG: Erving, Miller, Brown

RT: Moton, Erving, Scott

That's 10. Daley would be in a scrap with Brown, Moore, Miller and any rookies to stick.

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