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Cam Newton Released


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25 minutes ago, Shotgun said:

Carson Wentz is another example, sucks and gets hurt every year and never gets criticized.  

What? I get the annoyance over Cam’s critics, but Wentz never criticized? He was in the lead for the MVP after 13 games and then Foles took the HFA/1st round bye to the SB win. After that Wentz was criticized all the time. People wanted Foles instead and then Hurts.

Mac Jones is the golden boy, the next Tom Brady (lol), but Wentz isn’t a good example of not being criticized a lot. 

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22 hours ago, 1usctrojan said:

Nothing makes me more furious than people being labeled as “dumb” because they learn in a different way.  Often, those folks are bright, and have an enormous gift in another way.  God blessed Cam with enormous athleticism and arm talent….and the smarts to know how to use it.

People need to stop labeling when they have zero idea about how differently we all learn, that has nothing to do with intelligence, or lack thereof.  

I'm one of those that learns differently. I can read it 20 times and can't learn it. Put my hands on it once, and I will never forget it. 

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1 minute ago, Shotgun said:

I watch a lot of sports media and have haven't really heard Wentz being criticized. Cam and Lamar on the other hand have had "prove it years" every season of their careers. Weird because they are both worlds better than Wentz.

You've never heard Wentz criticized?  You are either lying or deaf.

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6 hours ago, Cpt slay a ho said:

I watch lesser qbs like Stafford, do worst with less questions. this is also without throwing to nearly the talent Stafford had in det. 

You don’t luck into a mvp.

without context, media outlets funnel this silly narrative that he can’t throw outside the numbers but fail to mention the personnel. 

Are you really going to try to claim that Lamar Jackson is a better passer than Stafford? Your argument should be that Lamar > Stafford because Lamar is an okay passer with elite legs. Lamar would be in RG3 territory without his running ability. 

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