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3 big wins in a row..


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And the last 2 weren't cause we were on fire.. We missed alot of open shots.. But we played strong defense.. Intelligent offense built big leads and choke teams out to the finish.. Also beat 2 of the best big men in league with our bigman deficiency.. We are growing and getting better fellas..

Let's go ...

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2 hours ago, MillionDollarCam said:

Now comes the important part.

We stole three games against teams that are in front of us in the standings. Don’t give these next games back against teams that we should beat.

Yes sir.. This is stretch we can use to move up in the standing..

Let's get them..

Edited by WOW!!
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19 hours ago, Eazy-E said:

This and the Hurricanes sections should be way more active than they are. People need to quit bitching about the pathetic Panthers and come support the actual good Carolina teams.

People are looking for ways to vent frustrations.  The dumpster fire on Mint St is an easy outlet.  People aren’t looking to celebrate.  They want to run Rhule out on a rail.

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