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Official Panthers Cuts Thread...


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@caplannfl: Have to imagine that coaches knew early on Watkins wouldn't work out. Less to do with talent, more to do with desire.

@caplannfl: Watkins did dominate during Senior Bowl week practices, no question, but only had 1 good season at Baylor. And clearly never loved the game.

@RoobCSN: I don't think Danny Watkins will play again. I don't think his heart was ever in football. I don't think he likes playing the game.


In fairness, aren't these the same kind of guys who say they know what Cam Newton is thinking?


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You know, I think we should back off the AE bashing a bit. Yeah, he stunk it up the first two seasons, but he's kept his mouth shut and busted his hump to learn an entirely new skill position. No, I'm not an Armanti fan club guy, but I do believe in giving a guy who works hard a fair shake. By all accounts he's been one of the real headlines of this season so far, with glowing reports from everyone who's been asked about him. None of the circumstances that put him in a Panther uniform are his fault. He's done the work. If we can keep a clipboard holding QB around for no discernible purpose for a couple of years, I think we can probably afford to let the AE experiment go a bit longer to see if it is truly about to bear fruit. It took Greg Hardy a couple of years to get it in gear, too.

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I'm very surprised by the Tauren Poole cut... hopefully we can stash him for another year on the practice squad. I liked what I saw out of him more than what I saw from Smith.

Surprised about White. He never really stood out to me. I wonder what that means for Dockery.

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