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2012 - A Season to Marvel

Sep 02 2012 08:44 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
Friends, Foes, Huddlers,,,

It is that time one again that I bring to you the State of the Panthers. After much introspection and meditation, I have come to a conclusion.

2011 will be Avenged.

Ron Rivera now in his second season as head coach has his philosophy in place. With emphasis on team play and a decrease of individualism, he has assembled his squad of heroes. Rivera is by nature a disciplinarian, but this one time grid-iron hero was known for his fury.

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Rivera expects nothing less than a playoff berth, anything else will be a failure.

Leading the offense we find a super soldier of sorts, Cam Newton. His physical abilities are far beyond anything we have seen on the football field. He can do things other QB's only dream of. Once doubted and belittled as a gimmick, he has since proven to be a true leader. In fact, you can call him Cap.

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Joining Newton on the offense is a player ready to take the next step. Ready to dominate all that block his path to greatness. A mammoth of a man, with blonde locks that flow like honey, no homo. Greg Olsen will have a huge season this year. Rivera recently has stated as much. He didn't throw the gauntlet. He dropped the hammer.

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The offense will be great. But this season they will have help from the defense. The biggest improvement will come from the linebacking corps. First round selection Luke Kuechly has the speed, brawn, and intelligence to become an All-Pro in this league. Kuechly has already dazzled us all preseason, and he is just getting warmed up. Although he resembles the man of Steel, I like to think he is made of iron.

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After a year hiatus, Jon Beason is rejoining the defense and will return to his pro bowl form. He looks more conditioned and in better shape than I have ever seen him. Beason is also one of the most intelligent and charismatic players in the NFL, but make him angry and you may see a whole other side of him. A side that makes opposing offenses crap their collective pants. Many of you call him Beast... but Hulk may be more fitting.

Posted Image

Beason Smash.

Friends, I have crunched the numbers. I say to you now I have taken all things Carolina Panthers and have come to a conclusion. All signs point to a Marvel of a Season. Buy your tickets, secure your Lazyboy, fire up the grill and lets get it on. Ish is about to get real.

Record Prediction = 13-3

/drops microphone

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I signed in just to give this post pie. Would give pie twice if I could.
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Thats too funny.

The rest look serious. That dosent its just funny.
There's not enough pie and rep to adequately reward this post.

Job well done.

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Can you please photoshop that cowboy star logo looking thing off of Cam's chest? Great post almost ruined by that cowboy looking logo as it nearly made me puke.
That Jon Beason one was the icing on the cake for me. Great job, Zod.

And I too almost pissed myself laughing at the Panthor pic.
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Epic Beason hulk. Kudos...and I have missed these and the "on notice" posts.
This should not only be promoted to an article, but should also be shown to the team.
That's some serious photoshop skill
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Olsen and that hair had me rolling lmaooooo.
Still waiting for Black Widow...
Did not read. Laughing too hard.
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I bet the team would get a kick out of those pictures.
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SZ James (banned)
Sep 02 2012 10:03 AM
You spelled 7-9 wrong
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Pretty sure I am going to steal the Beason/Hulk pic for gamedays.
Thanks in advance.
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Did not expect that. In years past Zod has told us the Panthers were worse than we thought. This one is nice.

I do think this team will surprise some people, but obviously not Zod.

I think the key to this will be turnovers.
My God that was beautiful
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Edit: Correction

Record Prediction = 13-3
Superbowl Victory

drops microphone
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Zod in all the years that I have been reading the Huddle I believe this to be your most epic post.
I now bow before your genius in Photoshop skill and call you SIFU of the Huddle.
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Bahahaha. Classic thread is classic.
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Beason can be the 'Beast'. Although not in the movie, he was a '70's addition to the Avengers. And the most appropriate omission- 'The Black Panther'. I nominate Smith for that role.
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Incredible. I gotta say the Cap Cam and Incredible Beason are my 2 favorites.

Cool write up. I did a take on the Panthers season and came away 13-3 too.

This year all those close losses are going to be close wins.

Go Panthers
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