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  1. Very weird, hopefully very great.. I'll let ya know at midnight tomorrow
  2. Lmfao with these kickers. Crazy endings. Just shows how important they are! Gonna come back to bite us in the ass
  3. Go Niners Show the local team some love. Fug Dook!
  4. Well duh, the Saints and Falcons suck. The Bucs will have to beat us twice to take the division
  5. Do we get an extra game like TB?
  6. According to Greeny he was a sure fire first rounder lmao
  7. I say we keep trading back and have 32 6th round picks. At least 3 of them will be hits
  8. Look at all these dumb fuggers picking against! Bradshaw and Strahan can eat a dick as can the guys on NFL network and ESPN. BRING ON THE HATE!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!
  9. Yeah it's pretty dumb how they organized this "prime day". There should be a complete catalog of what deals are going to be available, the discounted price, how many are available, and what time the certain products goes on sale. Who wants to keep following these lightning deals all day? Most of which is just poo they have too much of and couldn't sale in the first place
  10. Where are the idiots at who said the game was over in the first quarter last time I checked in?! lol
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