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Greg Hardy Arrested

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That is pretty extreme. But it probably wouldn't take that much for most. 


Let's say you just got fired, or robbed, or lost your wallet, or slammed your finger in the car door...


And go to pick up your 5 year old son from daycare, and you see a woman push him down because he was playing with her kid and tackling him in football.


Well, you challenge her motives and she begins to argue with you. You're already pissed/hurt/injured before getting there, then the sight of anyone touching your kid is enough to make a man lose it, but she then has the nerve to argue with you and gets in your face and maybe mushes you or something really stupid like spit. 


Now, I'm not saying you should hit her. But, I am saying you might touch her with ill intent in some form or another. 


I wouldn't, and I also don't think you should.  Just walk away.  I might want to, but just walk away


Unless she is endangering you or loved ones, just fugging walk away

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SUSPICION of domestic violence. We all know how crazy some of these athletes' 'girlfriends' can be, and some of the twisted poo they can pull. If he did it, he should be punished, but I'm going to reserve judgment until they actually say he's guilty of something.

Innocent until proven guilty is fine with me.

Conversely, its disgusting how many people immediately jump on the "nutty girlfriend" bandwagon in lock-step defense of their football heroes.

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Not perfect math but Greg is going to lose about 700k per game if convicted and suspended. And I predict a 1 game suspension if convicted

But then he will have his 3 legal continuations to push it as far back as possible if the judge allows.


I'm not completely ruling out a suspension, but I don't think it's all that likely, not until we know more at least.

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Even if guilty of both crimes he wouldn't get a year sentence. Max is 60 days per charge, and if he has a clean record is likely to just get probation

This then. But is convicted it would be a suspended sentence +probation allowing him to not have to serve the jail time.

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Remember the Alamo and remember Rae Carruth.

CYA Greg.

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You're comparing Rae Carruth to Greg Hardy allegedly hitting a woman. Okay. Remember Steve Smith? Jon Beason? 

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NO. There is absolutely NO reason to lay your hand on a woman. Period. End of story.




If a female were trying to stab you, oryour wife, or mother, or child you should punch her in the face hard.


Is that wrong to say? Or do?

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I'm not completely ruling out a suspension, but I don't think it's all that likely, not until we know more at least.

This is the last case I could find with similar details


Erik Walden
In November of 2011, Erik Walden spent the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in jail. The Green Bay Packers player had been initially charged with a felony after allegedly hitting his girlfriend but, in early 2012, he agreed to a plea agreement that included community service. The NFL has suspended the player for one game and he will not be appearing in the first game of the season in September.




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