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The Huddle Gameday Live - Buffalo Bills Edition

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Williams could be Julius Thomas 2.0.

Kid is a athletic freak. Better athlete and after the catch than Olsen.

Manning, Brees, or Brady would turn Williams into a baller.

Shula got to use these guys. Quit pussying out.

Nope. No way our 3rd TE is a Julius Thomas 2.0.

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Highlight recap:

Grag Hardy sack

Deep diving catch in the endzone by KB

KK beasting

Webb truckin dudes and getting the team fired up

King abusing Buffalo backup secondary

Bersin with some good looks

B Will with some major confidence boosting

pass pro


Cason got picked on

Run d looked a bit shaky

josh thoams



a couple special team miscues

what am i forgetting?

Godfrey looked like poo too.
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That's what I was thinking. Pilares could make the team as our kickoff guy but I think it really depends on what philly brown can offer. I see Lucas going to practice squad.

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Godfrey Barner and our run game was the bad from today. I could be wrong but I thought the bills kept their starters in a little longer than us. It's only preseason game one which means a lot of time for improvement.

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liked what I saw from Joe Webb. can't discount that the guy could be a weapon for one or two plays a game

I was thinking that maybe he played so well because he has developed chemistry with King?

He had some great runs but that was what is expected from him. His throwing was greatly improved but can he be consistent at it?

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i was overall pleased with everyone not named pilares, barner, and godfrey. even the OL seemed to settle in and protect the QB better in the 4th quarter when we started moving the ball better.


i am alittle concerned about the run game all the way around. but perhaps with DLo, Stewart, or Reaves in with our first string, it will be better on offense. idk what happened with our defense. that 2nd string run defense worries me... they will sub in alot for the firsts :/ however... i think this can be corrected by the start of the season.


first teams played competitively and i am hopeful because of that

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