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How many true, lifelong Panthers fans are actually out there?


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Chances are, unless you were born on or after October 26, 1993, you are not a lifelong Panthers fan. 

If you were lucky enough to be born on 00/00/00 A.P. (Anno Panthera) then you are currently a measly 21 years old.

Since kids usually start cheering for certain teams by the time they are 5 or so I can even say with fair certainty that if you are older than 26 you had a fav team before the Panthers.


Soooooo...in honor of the off season and because I think it would be cool to know, how many of you can claim to be a lifelong Panthers fan?  Don't tell a fuging lie if you are older than 26.


And for the rest of us....I am older than 26.  I have something I need to say.

My real name is Tony and I...I used to be a Falcons fan.


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i'm 28 and didn't pay attention to pro football before the panthers.  the only pro sports team i really gave a crap about was the atlanta braves.


I'm originally from the Atlanta area and a lifelong Braves fan like you.  I don't know how I would feel if Charlotte ever got a MLB team.  I think I would stay loyal to the Braves. 


I know I would.


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I'm 25. Born in 1990 and have been a Panther fan since 95'. I was a new fan of the game and they were a new team. As a 5 year old I picked them for the logo and color scheme and have stuck with them ever since. Being a fan of a team in another region hasn't been easy. I remember "watching" entire games on ESPN Gamecast because there was no such thing as Red Zone or Sunday Ticket.


Age 5 or 6 here rocking a Panther t-shirt. My bowl cut was the GOAT.

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I don't really think it's fair to judge someone before the Panthers even existed. I also don't think it's fair to judge someone before they even truly know what a football is.

That being said, I've rooted for the Panthers since I wad 5 years old. Should be around year 2000.

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I can honestly say, life long football fan. Never called any team my own til the Panthers came along.

I'm over the hill.


Over the hill 30, 40, 50?  What are we talking about PC?

I believe you but if you are 30+ and you NEVER had a favorite team before the Panthers?  Really?


Closet Cowboys fan...admit it.


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