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Sinking the Battleship Yamato: a case study of evolution, innovation, and revolution in the NFC South

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Named after the admiral Isoroku Yammato who engineered the attack on Pearl Harbor........his first name means "57" in Japanese.

He was given that name because his father was 57 yrs old when he was born.

...........and a 57 yard Stewart fumble recovery by Ed Dixon in week 4 against the Bucs sunk their ship while it kept the cats undefeated for the season......



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4 hours ago, Inimicus said:

my ONLY criticism....

There was a damned good reason to turn the Yamato into a rocket ship.


The Gamalon Empire and their planet bombs had to be stopped!

Otherwise flawless as always.

actually i did a little digging on the origins of that show and i take back my comment. the yamato had become a symbol for japan herself, and the loss of the ship was representative in more ways than one of the empire's collapse. and as japan entered a new postwar era, under the boot of american-supervised reconstruction, they struggled for decades to develop a new national identity, something children could latch onto and carry into the future.

that tv show was one such answer. they appropriated the yamato as a space ship in the future that went around saving the galaxy, helping legions of kids in japan's own baby boomer generation to latch onto a new globally-minded outlook, something that's very much reflected in today's japanese politics and culture. it's really pretty cool.

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1 minute ago, Kevin Greene said:

Brilliantly posed Philly!

Do not forget Yamato's own words:

We are the Terrible resolve!

Also, must watch kids.


when the josh harnett pearl harbor came out i naively expected a tora tora tora remake. i have never been so disappointed in all my life.

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