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Unto us a Child is Born: Perfection, Defeat, and the Greatest Story Ever Told


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7 hours ago, PhillyB said:

i feel i should also add this: i was very careful to construct the jesus analogy in a way that doesn't offend anyone. i hope no one will see this as any kind of a jab at their belief system any more than it's an endorsement of it. contemporary christian pastors are famous for the invocation of the hilarious and completely harmless jesus juke, and this post may be considered accordingly.

thanks everyone!

God bless you, my son.

Or damn you.

Right now I'm confused as to which... lol.

(P.S. IMO New Testament God has a great sense of humor.  Old Testament God would have already struck you down with plagues! :P )

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5 hours ago, CPF4LIFE said:

Everybody and there mama knows Matt Ryan cant throw a deep ball worth poo and we defended like thats what we were preventing the entire game. We really did not come to play last sunday.

Thats the scheme. Bend but dont break. Don't get beat deep. The panthers D somehow still managed to get beat on a play that lost the game for them.

In the playoffs that poo don't work which is why Kaep and Wilson looked like Tom Brady sending us home. The ball comes out quick on a 1 read slant, all it takes is patience. That's right up their alley. Man is crucial, but if you don't run man you have to jam their receivers. Defensive backfield has to help the DL too, make the QB hold the ball.

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1 minute ago, Will Lee Moe said:

Oh I see. Norman just couldn't bring him down.

I'm not arguing that Norman played well. He played like poo. Norman has shut down Julio often, but as it goes with great players, Julio got the better of him in this particular game. 

I'm simply saying that you said "short routes?" and cited the yards per catch as some sort of indicator of what routes Julio was running, when it shows in the numbers I provided, and to anyone watching the game really, that Julio was running underneath a majority of the time. 

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    • Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men.....(i think we are here in the cycle) Weak men create hard times. F&TFG&^$##(HJYVTIYI this era..... What say thee? Any hope/light for us? Too funny... I will say the moochers can reach out to space, bounce off a signal to reach you. You are not safe..... I have also seen good men get in a toxic relationship.....during which a monkey or two is popped out..... then the next 18years is like a hellraiser series. Friends are one thing, but its different when your blood is involved. No one gets to choose their parents/family/relatives. 
    • Florida has produced many NFL secondary players. CJ has the chance to be among the very best we have ever produced. I think most people who hear the whispers from school forums and such knew before the draft that him going to Tampa, Jacksonville or Miami would be cause for concern. I would have been happy for him to go anywhere in a trade this season outside of the state. I am ecstatic that we got him. Give him a few weeks to adjust and I think we got a steal in a trade. I hope Arnold plays well and we can continue to use Jacksonville as a trading partner going forward. 
    • If he isn’t Revis in his first game, we blew it!
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