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14 games left.


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Yeah, I mean it’s not pretty right now. My feeling is the foot will continue to get better, and they’re waiting for the right moment to cut him loose in the run game. 

If Joe thinks it’s getting worse, or doesn’t have the potential to get better, then that’s a problem. Like I said, that’s why I said we’ll see what happens. I like Joe and I think his reporting is good.

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Here's the last part of Person's 'Athletic' article from this past Friday.

"The season is only two games old, but already it feels a lot like last year. And unless Newton starts running effectively again and hitting receivers in the numbers, the boos and questions will only get louder:

Are Newton’s best years behind him?

It’s looked that way of late."

The title of the article is "Cam's not running, or winning. Have Panthers fans seen the best of him?"

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The next few weeks are big.

We’ve talked about the three elements of the passing game that must to come together (protection, separation, accuracy). It hasn’t synced up yet. Each of these elements must align, quickly, for this team to have a shot.

It’s not just one thing. That’s the hard part about it. Best way to fix it is to run the ball 35 times. If the team can get off the blocks upfront and overcome the crowded box, that’s one way to win ballgames. At some point, you have to take the top off the defense and keep the 8th man out of the box. Or, you just grind out some wins like the 2003 Panthers—may just have to turn the clock back and shorten the game with field position and ground control. It would help to have a hammer of a back to complement 22. Typically, that’s been Newton. It’s an interesting time in Carolina. Like I said, the next few weeks are crucial.

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1 hour ago, GRWatcher said:

I think once Paradis starts calling better protections and Cam and Norv start trusting him, you'll see more of the Cam of old. Greg Little instead of Daryl Williams would help too. 

Bottom line, Cam isn't having fun right now. 

This highlights the opposite sides of the "14 games left" situation.

One the one hand, yes there's plenty of time left for people to improve and for our situation to turn around.

The flipside? There's a lot of wear and tear yet to come too. People get worn down over the course of a long season. And it isn't guaranteed that they will improve. They might not.

Throw in that were relatively injury free right now. How long does that last?

Like I said, I have no idea which way this season is going to go. Everything's up in the air right now.

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9 hours ago, ellis said:

The first four games of 2014 is also a pretty good standard. Had the injury in New England week 3 of the preseason. Didn’t really unleash the rushing game until the Cincinnati tie. Ended up with almost 600 yards on the season. 

It could still go south, but I’m optimistic that things will get better. 

Cam never looked as down and defeated as he does now. The team wasn't coming off a horrific losing streak in any of the previous iterations of this scenario either. It's much darker this time around. The Panthers need to waffle stomp the Cardinals or the season is over.

The only thing that will right the ship is a blowout win. It's the only thing that has turned around the team in the past. Also works the opposite way though (see the Steelers game last season)



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